How to Improve Monetization of Games with CDN


    Games are a global business that almost every day opens up new opportunities for those who understand its laws. The main rule for increasing profits is a constant increase in the number of players. The global market provides unprecedented revenue growth opportunities. The Internet gives more than two billion people access to various types of entertainment on the Web, and more than half of these people are potential players.

    When creating a new game, as a rule, the developer focuses on the plot and the original graphic solution. However, the project infrastructure is no less (if not more) important, which is essentially responsible for the experience that the player will receive from the game process itself.

    Using CDN can significantly improve this experience, and subsequently improve monetization. We list the main advantages of using CDN.

    High download speed. CDN significantly increases the download speed of game files, updates and additional content, and also provides reliable network accessibility.

    Growth in the number of players. The high speed of receiving content in turn increases the loyalty of players and attracts new ones to the project.

    Profit growth. With the increase in the total number of players, the number of in-game purchases (game currency, paid improvements and additional content) is proportionally growing.

    Savings on iron.With the growing number of players, you do not have to constantly invest in upgrading your equipment. CDN distributes the network load between their own servers, which allows players to download data from the most geographically close caching servers, thereby significantly reducing the load on the main storage server for this data. This can be useful, including while downloading “heavy” updates to a large number of players.

    Even the most interesting and beautiful game cannot become popular if it constantly slows down, and before you play it you need to download the latest update to it for hours. Moreover, the waiting time of players directly affects the income received from the game. Using a fast content distribution network with reliable network accessibility, every millisecond, players make more in-game purchases, and you get more profit.

    What should developers and publishers turn their attention to?

    Network delays are especially critical for modern real-time games. Delays make players disappointed and go to other projects. To prevent them, it is worth using not only the most powerful hardware, but also the most efficient network infrastructure.

    Network availability. The next thing you need to pay attention to is network accessibility. Playgrounds must have a powerful infrastructure and fault tolerance at all possible points. This will minimize the likelihood of players leaving your project. CDN provides the highest level of fault tolerance thanks to multiple data duplication and the use of hundreds of thousands of servers around the world.

    Scalability.A successful game can attract many players, and your infrastructure should be able to cope with the growing load. The best way to guarantee fast scalability is to use CDN, cloud technology in addition to hosting or renting dedicated servers. Optimal resource management and use of CDNs will reduce infrastructure expansion costs by redistributing the load among CDN servers around the world. Thus, you can invest more in the development of the game.

    Selectel provides a network of  over 150,000caching nodes, which ensures instant distribution of game content around the world. Multiple redundant channels and multi-stage data protection provide the project with no delays and 100% network availability.

    We also offer you to familiarize yourself with  interesting infographics about increasing the speed of loading sites when using CDN.

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