FlashDevelop 4.0 released

    Great news for all flash developers - just a couple of days ago the final version of the excellent IDE FlashDevelop 4.0 was released. Those who are already familiar with FlashDevelop can immediately proceed to download the new version . I invite the rest of the hawkers under the cut to get acquainted with a brief changelog and a description of the main features of FD4.

    What's new in FlashDevelop 4?

    • A universal AIR project template for Android and iOS has appeared
    • Installation now loads AIR 3.1 and Flex SDK 4.6
    • AS3 debugger significantly improved (supports AIR for Android & iOS)
    • When viewing the contents of SWF / SWC displays information about the size of the elements
    • Mercurial support added
    • “Always compile” option renamed “Set Document class”
    • Many other minor changes, including UI

    What is so interesting about FlashDevelop?

    Support for AS2, AS3 and HaXe

    Integrated task list, formed from comments (TODO, BUG +, you can add your own keywords)

    Advanced code completion

    ... and code snippets (Press Tab after the keywords function, get / set, for, while, if ,. .)

    Automatic import of classes when declaring variables

    Generation of event handlers (position the cursor on the name of the handler function in addEventListener and press Ctrl + Shift + 1)

    Generate getter / setter methods (position the cursor on the name of the private variable and press Ctrl + Shift + 1)

    AND This is not a complete list of features. I think many Flash developers will support me if I say that FD is the best coding environment for the Flash platform.

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