JetBrains at RubyConfBy in Minsk March 22

    Hello, Habr!

    Already this Sunday, March 22, a one-day RubyConfBY conference will be held in Minsk , and our speakers are already packing their bags. This time, two Andrei, Andrei Vokin and Andrei Vlasovskikh, will talk about tools that allow you to find errors in the Ruby code without executing it. At the same time, introducing the RubyMine and PyCharm commands, they will also try to compare Ruby and Python to understand how the programming style affects static code analysis.

    And a little about the conference itself from the words of its organizers:
    The first major RubyConfBY technology conference on Ruby, Rails and related technologies will be held on March 22 in Minsk in the SPACE space (October 16A) . Developers from different corners of the globe will come together to discuss pressing issues: Will the good old Bundler sink into oblivion, giving way to Rubygems? Is it time to quit the boring REST and try the Hypermedia API? Are hackathon rails still popular? Should I switch to Trailblazer in creating architecture for rail applications? Well, of course, find out how stylish the creator of the Ruby Style Guide is?

    You can buy tickets at a discount. Organizers and Belarusian Ruby User Group provide a promotional code for a 40% discount. Buy tickets on the website , enter the BRUG promo code.

    The conference will bring together speakers from the UK, Germany, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Belarus and even Australia! As well as representatives of Toptal sponsoring companies,, who are willing to share their Ruby & Rails development experience.

    See the full program on the conference website.

    See you in Minsk!

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