Groovy project intends to join Apache Software Foundation

This is a translation of this publication from the blog of Guillaume Laforge, Groovy's official project manager.

The Groovy team is pleased to announce their intention to join the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) .

Following a recent announcement from Pivotal about the end of funding for Groovy's regular developers, the team decided it would be wise to demonstrate to the Groovy community that the project would not disappear in the long run. Groovy will develop regardless of the availability of funding by private organizations and sponsors, as well as regardless of any changes in the development team.

We talked several times (both online and offline) with representatives of various software funds, in particular,Eclipse Foundation , Software Freedom Conservancy and ASF .

We were very grateful for the advice received from our users, developers from these funds, participants in various forums, etc. These discussions were very fruitful and useful. Of course, all these funds are very interesting and great for the project, although, of course, they all have their pros and cons. But in general, the Apache Software Foundation is precisely the foundation that we think is best suited, given our limitations and our philosophy.

We will soon begin the application process for accepting the project in the incubator ( in which the project will be integrated with the software development and licensing scheme adopted by ASF, approx. trans. ) If the application is accepted, then in the process of incubating the project, we will encounter some “gray areas” that were identified at the discussion stage. But we will be very happy to work with our mentors to ensure that Groovy will remain one of the largest open source software projects in the JVM ecosystem.

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