Skype censorship (continued)


    After a recent incident with the blocking of links to the popular online store DealeXtreame ( was removed from the blacklist at about 11 pm Moscow time on March 11), the list of blocked links has expanded significantly. How it is formed remains unclear due to the inability to receive comments from company representatives. The Russian branch of Skype refuses to give any information. It is known that the company Kosyan Media LLC, which owns the service , asked for clarification in the London office of Skype, the answer has not yet been received.

    At the moment, everything has become much worse, various resources began to fall into the Skype blacklist according to an absolutely incomprehensible algorithm. I suggest posting “non-working” links in the comments so that Skype representatives finally stop being silent and explain what kind of nonsense is happening.

    It would be nice if someone could drive the top 1000 Runet through Skype and find out which links are blocked.

    Currently blocked links thanks SpiritOfDarkDragon thanks FisHlaBsoMAN thanks ErgoZru

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    In general, the topic is heating up in the community .

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