Tablets of happiness

    Antivirus is a good thing. He heals and kills, "if incurable." Only here there are such creatures that leave behind a lot of traces and sometimes unpleasant, for example, delete, create and modify keys in the registry, create strange folders and text files, rename system libraries and so on. Sometimes the picture looks like that after cleaning the computer from the inhabitants of the serpentarium, the malware still wants to “tear down the Windows”.

    Recently, my computer at work struck a wonderful virus called Brontok . Launched urgently CureItdid his job, but left a lot of interesting things. Pretty quickly, I came across a pill - a utility that does filigree cleaning of a computer after a particular virus, followed by a report and recommendations.

    A little later, similar "pharmacy kiosks" were found in several places. In principle, they all have to do the same work, but who is better, who is worse, I did not check and compare, I used the Sophos utility myself.
    www / download / free-virus-remover.php is not exactly a tablet, but at a quick introduction I was interested as an administrator, I advise you to take a closer look at it.

    These utilities are good for a point strike on the enemy, that is, when you know who to beat.
    In conclusion, I want to say only that no antivirus does not guarantee one hundred percent protection, including self-defense (someone does not even use them). And often to get a quality result, you need to boot in a safe mode, if not with a LiveCD. In these cases, such utilities are a good support in the work.

    The most important thing is that they are highly effective, they weigh kilobytes, are free and explain the essence of their actions.

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