Bill gates again first

    imageThe state of the economy in different countries of the world affects the well-being of successful entrepreneurs (millionaires and billionaires) among us , and therefore the list of the richest people in the world according to Forbes has undergone some changes - old Bill Gates was put on the winning podium again.

    Last year, Bill took third place, after Warren Buffett and Mexican Carlos Slim Helu. Despite the fact that the entire list has lost enormous funds this year, Microsoft's software position (whose shares are the main asset of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) may have deteriorated, but it has not suffered as much as the business of other businessmen. The total loss of Bill Gates is "only" $ 18 billion, against $ 25 billion from two former leaders.

    Other interesting facts about the list:
    • The number of billionaires decreased by 30%, from 1,125 to 793 people.
    • 373 people who left the list are 355 who have lost enough money to be called "billionaires" and 18 people who have died.
    • 38 new billionaires have been added to the list (none of them had ever been on Forbes top before).
    • The total value of the assets of all representatives of the list fell by half: from $ 4.4 trillion to $ 2.4 trillion.
    • List average: $ 3 billion
    • 45% of the list are US citizens.
    • Russia lost a record number of billionaires this year: 55 people (including at least one, dropped out of the list of their own volition)
    • The largest loss of fortune belongs to the Indian Anil Ambani, who lost 76% of his fortune - a good $ 32 billion.

    via Forbes

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