Apple released iOS 8.2

    Apple has released a new update for iOS - iOS 8.2 (APPLE-SA-2015-03-09-1). The company fixed a small number of security vulnerabilities and improved the overall stability of iOS, as well as several built-in applications, including Mail, Maps, Music, VoiceOver. For iOS 8.2, the dangerous FREAK vulnerability was closed, which we wrote about earlier and which made it possible to attack Man-in-the-Middle with a possible decryption of HTTPS traffic transmitted through the browser. iOS 8 is used on devices such as iPhone 4s +, iPod touch 5, and iPad 2+.

    We advise users to update iOS as soon as possible. If such an operation did not happen automatically, for this you need to go to Settings-> General-> Software Update.

    be secure.

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