SMP ON-Bank: We have created a financial conscience!

    Habrazhiteli, as you already understood, our online banking can do a lot. Today we will talk about an interesting and useful function of limiting expenses.
    If the user notices that he spends more on a certain category of expenses than it should, a limit can be set on these expenses. When the amount of expenses for the category is exceeded, the system will notify the user by SMS or e-mail. A very useful service for people who find it difficult to resist seeing nice, but not necessary things.
    The function of limiting expenses is informational in nature. Whether or not to continue spending money after receiving a system notification about exceeding the limit remains on the user's conscience.
    To set a limit, you need to click on the “Create Limit” button, select the expense category of interest, enter the maximum total amount of expenses for this category, select a notification method for exceeding the limit and click on the “Add” button: The
    new limit will appear in the list:
    We do not invite users to limit ourselves in something - we want to help answer the question of where and what money is spent on, and try to optimize expenses.

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