Google tests voice search feature


    Interesting news appeared on the web: apparently, Google is now testing a new voice search feature for its search service. At the same time, no official information has been received from the corporation itself. For the first time a new feature was noticed by one of the readers of Mashable, on Monday afternoon. The voice search function determines the settings of the system microphone, and allows you to use the Speak now widget to convert the spoken phrase to text.

    In principle, owners of Android OS phones should be familiar with Google Voice Search, where voice can control some of the phone’s functions. For example, the phrase "Directions to Empire State Building New York" will help get to this building in New York. The corporation is now actively working to improve this product, and even taught the program to recognize Chinese (Google’s Russian mobile application has more or less learned to understand since the end of 2010).

    Apparently, now the phase of final testing of the product for desktops and laptops is ripening, and not just for mobile devices. Unfortunately, access to the function is still closed for most users, voice search appears in random order, and there are not many lucky ones who could test the new functionality.

    Such functionality, if everything works fine, and support is provided not only for English, but for other languages, will be very useful. On the other hand, a huge number of companies are struggling to create fairly reliable solutions in the field of voice recognition, but so far there are no completely working programs for a PC or mobile device that would allow you to “type” text with your voice.

    Below you can find some screenshots that the same Mashable reader took while testing a new feature.

    Via Mashable

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