Weekly build Vivaldi


    We present you the next weekly build of the Vivaldi browser under the number As many of you know, last week we were busy preparing for the release of a test version of Vivaldi TP2, but despite this, there is also something to show in today's test build from the work done.

    First of all, we continued to work on spatial navigation. Now it works significantly better compared to the previous version, although, of course, to fully work and convenient tool still work and work. What we do.

    We also made a significant improvement in browser interface performance. We hope you enjoy these changes, as In previous versions, there were quite a few complaints about the operation of the interface.

    Another noticeable change that you find in the settings - we added the ability to disable some Google services, traditionally presented in Chromium-based browsers. We do not give an assessment of the quality of these services, we just give you the opportunity to refuse them if you want it. These changes should be to the taste of users who pay attention to the issues of privacy and security of personal data. Why - a few words about this below.

    From time to time, the Vivaldi browser downloads short information about potentially dangerous or phishing sites from Google’s servers. If a match is found, Vivaldi asks Google for more detailed information about the dangerous site and notifies the user of possible security problems. But some users do not like the fact that some third-party service, even if it belongs to Google, is informed about their activity on the network. Thus, such users can easily refuse a similar service in the Vivaldi browser settings.

    You can read more about the Google safe browsing API here .

    Well, let's move on to the new weekly build itself. You can download it from the links below:

    Detailed list of changes:

    • VB-4066: Freeze and Crash-Team Blog
    • VB-3172: Dual Vivaldi icons in taskbar- Standalone Install
    • VB-2574: Option to turn off google Safe browsing
    • VB-2874: Translation issue: label "username" overlaps "user"
    • VB-3362: Opening add bookmark with no search field breaks
    • VB-3377: Bookmark tree branches - expand
    • VB-3416: Highlighted bookmarks' folder
    • VB-3725: Better spatnav focus indicator
    • VB-3857: Activating full screen on a video takes 5+ seconds
    • VB-3887: Can't open settings window more than once per session
    • VB-3923: C ++ <-> Javascript communication channel for Vivaldi UI
    • VB-3949: Pinned tab size in vertically positioned tab bar
    • VB-1463: Rewind - Unexpected results
    • VB-3717: Spat nav highlights certain elements when clicking with mouse
    • VB-4010: Regression: Missing text input
    • VB-3671: Geolocation message duplicates
    • VB-4062: Spatial navigation should focus images inside links
    • VB-4057: Vivaldi crashes on geolocation
    • VB-4083: Can't set the technical preview as default browser on ubuntu
    • VB-1534: External links open in Chrome on Mac
    • VB-3826: Setting to control autocomplete in address field
    • VB-4090: Folders in the speed dial won't open
    • VB-3945: Fast forward not working correctly on Facebook
    • VB-3976: Tab tooltip is not visible when the tabs position is set to bottom
    • VB-4025: Tooltip for a group of tabs displayed not in the right place
    • VB-1874: Tab group tooltip has a poor layout
    • VB-1831: Tooltip animation is gone
    • VB-1856: Tab tooltips are always shown below tabs ignoring tab bar placement
    • VB-4082: Delay before preview when hovering over tab stacks is too long
    • VB-1266: Tooltip gets cropped off screen when in fullscreen

    That's all for today. We remind you that the weekly builds are test, so do not forget to back up important data. Report errors found at the previous address .

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