How we “married” a cloud-based PBX, GSM and realtors (part 3)

    The third chapter of the post-industrial telecom saga about the magnificent wedding of cloud technology, virtual telephone exchange, mobile communications and real estate agencies.

    The previous two chapters talked about how our project came about , how painfully and long we went to ensure that sleepless nights of product engineers and chronic red-eyed engineers began to bring the first financial results, which can be seen in a daily account statement and, if necessary, spent on anything really needed - Server, Printer, Chocolate Girl.

    What we came up with looks like this: FMC-platform + virtual PBX = Love.


    Where would all this apply now? And here's where: our long-time acquaintance, the director of a real estate agency with a staff of 60 people, of which 50 are mobile agents and real estate agents, contacted us with the problem - “I want control over everything, I don’t believe anyone, employees lie to me”

    The problem is more : cunning realtor agents working for a percentage of the transaction, having received the customer’s contacts, try their best to conduct this same transaction in secret from the employer and take the money for yourself. Need control. Immediately the second task is to automate everything that is possible, that is, to build a cloud-based robot for renting out housing, which does not require a salary and threshes 24/7. Well. OK.


    - the FMC platform of one of the Big Three participants that we finalized (all calls from mobile from the GSM network first go to our switch and only then)

    - the cloud operator IP-PBX, with many nice features and API, bought from a Russian vendor, and closely "friends" with FMC

    - Real Estate Agency, concerned about the decline in profits and ready to selflessly stride to the triumph of unified communications and total control

    Before contacting us, the director of the agency already tried to control the business - he issued corporate SIM cards and every day monitored call statistics, called for decency and promised golden mountains, in case high rates are shown, he hired those who control those who control everyone. Despite everything, none of the methods had the desired effect - the percentage of “gray” transactions was extremely high, it is almost impossible to prove the fact of deception: the crystal clear eyes of the realtor Svetlana disarmed and did not leave any chances to convict an honest girl in dishonesty: not caught - not a thief . Well, then we will all record and listen to conversations. We have the right - we bear losses.

    After 5 meetings in the meeting room, 53 emails and 28 of those. The following task was formulated: to do as in the diagrams

    Scheme 1 In

    various ways (see below), data is collected on the leased real estate. The base of such objects is the flesh and blood of a real estate business, it must be carefully guarded. All calls are received by trusted operators in the office, while the agent receives the owner’s contacts only when a hot request from the client appears. The less the agent knows, the better. We give out contacts only if necessary.

    Scheme 2

    An application from a client to search for odnushki in Chertanovo and the right friendship of the client with the owner of odnushka is one of the most intimate moments in the life of the agency. This is money and that’s it. There are no options here - we record, listen, control and hide the contacts of the parties until victorious. All incoming calls first go through the call center operators. They are their own, they can be trusted.

    And as a result of the whole project: to construct a cloud robot for concluding real estate transactions, which is not possible to depict in color due to the extreme complexity of the real estate kitchen.

    To get started, we’ll draw up a general call processing scenario and a list of employees involved in the process.

    Here's what happened: We

    assign rights to our virtual PBX:

    For calls we use our own communicator that supports the basic PBX functionality, managers have access to the virtual office interface to control statistics and listen to conversations, as well as access to the real estate CRM interface with which we have prudently integrated , we distributed our SIM cards to real estate agents, their former corporate ones are not used - they are not needed.

    1) The supervisor (he is the director, he is the all-seeing eye) - sees everything, listens to everything, calls everyone, everyone sees his number, his conversations are not recorded, because the boss, because he is not a fake. He has an expensive sip phone and MacBook Air with all passwords and appearances.

    2) The operator (a fighter at the forefront) - a girl on the phone in the office, does not deceive anyone, manages calls and, in general, the first person in the scheme - communicates with customers and makes decisions. She has no access to listening to conversations - not her concern. He sees the statistics of his fellow operators, access to the statistics of all other employees is closed. Uses a communicator and a headset, at the hands of a CRM.

    3) Controller (special forces and secret police)- trusted people of the leadership, sit and listen to the recordings, see the statistics and identify violations. They don’t take direct part in business, but just in case, we write them down. Suddenly a betrayal. They use a communicator, there is access to the interface for wiretapping conversations, there is no access to CRM.

    4) Realtor agent (the most insidious, but the most disenfranchised creature) - is sitting in an ambush and waiting for a command. Operators are already transferring hot customers to it. Does not have a mobile number, only internal, uses our SIM card. All conversations are recorded, access to any statistics is closed. His task is to pupate and pupate, and then report. When he calls, the company number is determined, not the mobile phone. Can run away at any moment. Uses our SIM cards, does not have access to the PBX interface.

    Create the scripts:

    A large number of incoming numbers are involved in advertising schemes of a real estate agency. There is an explanation for this - many ingenious ways to promote services and search for homeowners. An innocuous sticking on the door of the entrance “The Russian family will rent an apartment” with a mobile number at the end is an effective tool for filling the base of objects. Mobile phones in such ads receive calls from grandmothers with apartments and we want to control these calls too. How to do it? Yes, it’s very simple - we have magic SIM cards connected directly to PBX, so we’ll direct the mobile numbers from the ads to our virtual PBX via SIP and create a separate scenario for them: an incoming call, bypassing IVR, immediately comes to the operator, who convinces in three minutes grandma is that she called the right place and there’s nothing to be afraid of - everything around is Russian and decent. The call is recorded in the statistics and supplied with a comment. The first task has been completed: grandmothers are under control, grandmothers directly get into CRM - Excel is no longer needed, long live call cards and database integration (the agency already had CRM, we just integrated with it).

    In addition to mobile numbers, city numbers are also used - this is pure advertising “rent-rent housing” on various Internet sites. Here, it seems, everything is simple - ordinary scripts, voice menus and routing according to predefined rules. We are not hiding, we are an agency. The only thing we do is isolate agents from incoming ones. All calls first fall on operators who are honest, who are in the office, who have a salary. Operators, in turn, control call forwarding.

    At a certain stage, a realtor is no longer necessary and you need to connect it to the scheme. Then magic SIM cards appear again - the operator, having accepted the call, switches it to the realtor’s mobile phone, and in the mobile phone our SIM card. One click with the mouse and the call went directly to GSM and here (attention!)the realtor does not see the caller’s number, but sees only the identifier, the transaction number in CRM, which the operator has entered (a sequence of digits) . To identify the call, this is more than enough and, most importantly, to communicate with the client, you again need to dial this identifier, not the real number, and our PBX will compare it with the real number, dial a mobile or landline. Super!

    The problem is solved: the client and the realtor call each other, but do not see each other's real numbers. For the realtor, the client’s phone number is a certain transaction number in CRM, and for the client, the realtor’s number is the internal number that he dials when he calls the office. When a realtor comes in from a mobile phone, the client sees the city number of the agency, which we helpfully substitute, and not the agent’s personal number. Anonymity is achieved, in addition, all conversations are recorded and can be heard, there is practically no chance to communicate your personal contacts. Realtor tears hair on his head from powerlessness, the director is happy. The point is small: create an effective management scheme for all this and polish the details. The robot must be smart, the robot must do everything automatically. About this in the next chapter, about a week later.

    To be continued….

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