A large selection of links about galleries and everything related to them

Original author: Dudley Storey
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Dudley Storey, author of Pro CSS3 Animation, presented a selection of his articles from demosthenes.info about galleries on sites and everything related to them. Solutions use HTML, CSS and PHP in various combinations, the text of articles in English. At the beginning of each article is a demonstration of the effect that the author speaks of.


Animated captions with filters and transformation:

On-hover galleries

Image galleries with large images expanding by hovering / tapping on a thumbnail. In fact, the simplest types of galleries.

On-click galleries

Image galleries with large thumbnail-expandable images.

Flexbox galleries

Galleries That Use the Flexbox Element


Galleries with images, the full-size display of which limits the functionality of the page.

Sliders and carousels

3D galleries and effects

Content Filters

User-friendly image filtering and sorting

Image Modification

A technique for creating simple “before and after” options to demonstrate the source and the result of work.

Grid systems

Grid Image Solutions

Image randomization

Images that appear randomly each time the page loads.

Using the Ken Burns Effect

Full-size images that are zoomed in and out stop and disappear.

Consistent appearance

Solutions for organizing the appearance of images one after another

Signature Generation

Automatically generate image captions using JavaScript & PHP.

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