Install RSAT for Windows 10 TP

Windows 10 has long been available for updating, but because one day it was decided to upgrade. After the update, a question arose about server management. Immediately install RSAT may not work.

The Microsoft RSAT site for Windows 10 TP is available, but through the search you can only get to the old version and it will not be installed on build 9926.

After some time, searching for RSAT for Windows 10 TP build 9926 was found and successfully downloaded, but it refused to be installed immediately.

The installation is successful and pretends that everything is fine, but the update itself, containing the remote control, is not installed.

Further search led to the fact that RSAT for Windows 10 TP so far exists exclusively for the EN-US interface.

To install RSAT, download the EN-US package, then install it.

Now you can download the working RSAT for Winwows 10 build 9926 , if you have not downloaded it yet, and install it.

After completing all the operations, RSAT for Windows 10 build 9926 successfully installs and works.

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