Mobile Developer Rankings 2015

    Hi, Habr! Last year, we launched and published (the post on the hub was perceived quite positively by the community) the first rating of mobile developers.

    A year has passed and we will publish the results of the second unified rating of mobile application developers 2015 . We have a rather tricky (but absolutely transparent) technique, which takes into account the positions of companies in all other industry ratings that were published during 2014. I must say that the market is growing very fast, as well as new ratings. Last year we analyzed five local tops, this year - already nine (and two of those five managed to close on the way). As in the past year, we included in the top only companies that are engaged in custom development, and do not make their own products.


    The rating in 2015 was headed by Mad Robots from Redmadrobot , St. Petersburg e-Legion was in second place , amazingly fearless developers from Unreal Mojo came in third, Articul Media came in fourth and clever pumpkins from CleverPumpkin closed five (again, St. Petersburg guys )

    In the top, unlike the previous year, there were quite a few complex digital agencies, and a discussion arose in social networks on whether to consider them players in the mobile development market (if some do not even have mobile developers in the state). The arguments may be different, but as for me - if a company provides a service to a client, conducts a project and guarantees quality - then there isn’t much difference, they have development staff, or they subcontract. It also shows the growing market - the emergence of agencies - one of the litmus papers that more and more attention is paid to the mobile segment.

    The “western” trend that we noted last year remains relevant. A significant number of companies engaged in the development of custom applications have a full-fledged English version of sites and often indicate it “by default”.

    This is a significant difference between the mobile segment and other segments of the digital market: Russian mobile developers are much more focused on cooperation with Western companies than digital production, SEO companies, and contextual advertising agencies.

    It is worth noting that this situation is currently affected by two multidirectional factors. On the one hand, there is a negative effect from the foreign economic situation and sanctions; many customers are less likely to turn to Russian companies. On the other hand, given the serious depreciation of the ruble, the cost of the services of Russian developers has become much more affordable for a foreign customer, which stimulates demand.

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