Show your sites uptime to customers

    HostTracker offers you an updated version of uptime widgets. New design, interactivity, many additional features will help provide information about the work of your sites in an understandable and convenient way.

    Widget example

    Why widget?

    For several years there was a peculiar trend of adding various buttons of various services to their websites, which, according to the authors, were supposed to convey a lot of interesting and important information to the user: starting from the number of visits and ending with the distance between the physical server and the Moon. Recently, this trend has begun to decline, and it is not surprising - the abundance of buttons does not cause a desire to understand what they show, and their placement in the most inaccessible places on the page does not allow most customers to guess about their existence. Thus, now most of the buttons are used for SEO purposes and represent a disguised link to a web service site, and they practically lost the other meaning (if it was originally).

    Instead, really useful information migrates to other forms of expression. One of them is the widget. Visual presentation of information greatly enhances understanding.

    Why use?

    For yourself

    Post on your site and enjoy. Customers will also join this lesson. If you want to be absolutely honest with your customers, the uptime widget will additionally demonstrate information openness and business transparency. Easy to understand both customers and those far from the field of IT colleagues or superiors.

    For admin

    A widget for several resources with properly configured monitoring will display everything that happens with sponsored resources. The correlations in the behavior of various systems are immediately noticeable, and immediately there are arguments for hosting companies. And all this without having to log in somewhere, install additional software, and in general you can watch it from work, as well as from home or a mobile application.

    For the analyst

    A responsible employee of the company, or an independent analyst, can create an arbitrary number of widgets, grouping them in the right way for better visualization. They will look spectacular in reviews, blog entries or reports to management.

    How to configure and what's interesting?

    The setup is quite simple, and at the same time has a lot of options. You can choose any color combination, and fit the page width - which allows you to fit the widget into the design of any site.

    The widget also provides interactivity - the ability to change the time interval, time zone; when hovering over a problem, it shows the duration and time frame. You can also insert your company logo, giving the widget a more corporate look.

    Another interesting feature is the ability to create one graph across multiple sites. If you select the "Single schedule for selected tasks" mode, the uptime will be averaged, and the fall of all sites will be displayed on a single schedule. This can be useful if you need to analyze too many resources, so you can break them into groups.

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