Who made the most money in the mobile market in 2014

    Today, AppAnnie published a list of the most successful mobile app publishers in 2014. The ranking includes the companies with the largest revenue in the App Store and Google Play.

    In 2014, the Finnish Supercell became the company that earned the most. Their Clash of Clans , Boom Beach, and Hay Day still occupy the top positions in the Top Grossing of almost all countries. Four last year’s leaders retained their positions, but at the same time switched places. Last year's leader, Japanese GungHo Online (the creators of Puzzle & Dragons) was only the third. As a result, the leaderboard looks like this:
    1. Supercell
    2. King
    3. Gungho online
    4. Line

    18 newcomers appeared on the ranking who were not on the 2013 list. This suggests that new companies that show very good growth are still appearing and it is not too late to enter the market :-) True, these are mainly Asian companies, for example, the Japanese messenger Mixi , the publisher of Netmarble games from South Korea and the Chinese IGG, the creators of the hit Castle Clash . From Europe there is only 1 newcomer - Spanish SocialPoint, creators of Dragon City Mobile and Monster Legends Mobile .

    The biggest leap in the ranking compared to last year was also shown mainly by Asian publishers:
    Tencent - from 34 places to 5,
    Gamevil - from 26 to 11,
    SquareEnix - from 28 to 14.
    And of course, the legendary Machine Zone ( Game of War ) - from 38 to 9.

    Many market players have significantly lost their positions compared to last year. This is mainly due to the lack of new popular applications and games, as well as a drop in the income of old titles that generated the lion's share of revenue. We are talking about Kabam, Gree, Big Fish, Dena, Gameloft, Storm8, each of which has lost at least 10 positions.

    The ratio of countries on this list has also changed towards Asia. If in 2013 there were 26 companies from China, South Korea and Japan, now there are 29 of them. The number of American publishers remains at the same level - 15 companies.

    For comparison, we cite the Top 52 publishers of 2013 .

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