Grandstream UCM 61xx series setup and its integration with 1C

Our partner Simplit made 1C integration with the popular IP-PBX Grandstream 61xx series. Under the cut, a report on general setup, and in the second part, actually, on integration with 1C.

Configuring Grandstream for Integration with the Telephony Panel

Make sure you are using the latest firmware. When writing this article, firmware was used.
In firmware below version, the CDR-API does not work correctly

AMI Access Setup

Go to the menu item Internal Parameters - AMI
Press the button “Create a new AMI user”

Set the login and password of the AMI user
Mark all event classes as shown in the figure
Specify the subnets that are allowed to access AMI

Example: - allowed all subnets - only the subnet is allowed

Setting up access to the call log

Go to the menu item "CDR" - "API Configuration"

Configure conversation recording file storage

Storage is configured on the tab:

Grandstream supports SD cards and USB devices.

Features for setting extensions

By default, when creating an extension, the flag for tracking the status of the number is unchecked. In order for the phone status to be correctly displayed in the Telephony Panel, it must be set manually, on the Environment tab
in the web interface, the flag is called “Allow activity checking”. In terms of Asterisk, this is the qualify = yes option.

The automatic recording of calls for the extension is configured on the Functions tab.

To record calls in the queue, you must set the same option

Set up call transfer

Conditional and unconditional translation is turned off by default. You can activate functions on the page Function codes

Settings on the side of the Telephony Panel

In the user settings of the Telephony Panel, in the IP-PBX Model field, select the value Grandstream UCM6100

Integration of 1C and Grandstream UCM

In terms of price / quality / performance, the UCM 6102 is one of the best IP-PBXs in its class.

Even in the younger model, the hardware platform is of a good level, which is able to provide 30-40 simultaneous calls.
A similar indicator in competing models: 10-15 simultaneous calls.

It is also important that the UCM 61xx package is complete, without any pitfalls. This distinguishes the UCM 61xx from some competitors who resort to marketing tricks and exclude some hardware modules from the basic supply.

A vivid example of such a trick when the FXO / FXS connectors themselves are there, but there are no hardware modules, they need to be bought separately. Something like an outlet without electricity :)


Simple, straightforward and well-documented. There is a Russian-language localization, the translation is quite high-quality, this is not Google Translate.

Below is a screenshot as an example.

Setup took 10-15 minutes. There were no difficulties.


The recording function is available immediately, you do not need to purchase any modules or licenses. It supports recording to internal memory, to an SD card, to a USB device - there is a USB 2.0 port.

If you first used the internal storage, and only then connected the SD-card or USB-stick, then the UCM 61xx itself will offer you to synchronize. In our case, that was exactly so.

Integration with the outside world

This is exactly what interests us in the first place. So, the interfaces for accessing external applications:

AMI (Asterisk Management Interface)

CDR API (access to statistics)

Setting up both APIs is very simple and comes down to a simple login / password

Level of integration with 1C

The panel of telephony 1C gives the maximum level of integration. Almost all the features available in Asterisk 1.8 are supported.

The configuration on the 1C: Enterprise 8.x side is also very simple and comes down to entering the IP, login, password and indicating that the UCM 6100 is used.

The 1C telephony panel immediately picks up the call history using the CDR API

The 1C telephony panel supports integration with UCM 61xx both for configurations using conventional forms, and for managed forms.

Regular form:

For a managed form, in addition to the standard form, the Taxi interface is also supported.

To all this, the form can be changed without programming, "on the fly" - it is adaptive. By default, the "wide" form is enabled.

To change the shape, specify the appearance in the panel settings.

The form is transformed into compact mode.

The form can be placed on the start page

. 1C configurations are supported:
UT, UTP, UTP (regular forms)
UT, ERP (managed forms)

Download firmware, manuals
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