Mongodb 3.0 Production Release Released


    This release marks the beginning of a new phase in which the foundation is laid to make the database powerful, flexible and easy to manage.
    Initially, the version of this release was 2.8, but due to the importance of the changes, it was decided to rename it to 3.0

    Major innovations and improvements:

    • Custom storage engines, including WiredTiger. Now the mongo api is separated from how the database stores data. This allows you to create new ways to store data, such as InMemory.
    • High performance and efficiency. The new WiredTiger storage engine uses document-level locking, which can significantly improve performance. It also uses compression algorithms for data and indexes, which significantly reduces the size of the stored data.
    • Simplified operations through Ops Manager. It allows you to perform operations such as deployment, scaling, modernization and backup in a few clicks or calling the API. Improved logging system.
    • Improved security audit.
    • Improved query language and tools. mongoimport, mongoexport, mongodump, mongorestore and mongooplog are now faster. Ability to watch the execution plan before the request with explain

    You can find more detailed information here:
    Official announcement 3.0
    Announcement of the main innovations in Mongodb 3.0
    Webinar “What's New in Mongodb 3.0”
    pdf What's New in Mongodb 3.0

    The main improvements are provided by WiredTiger, but in Mongo 3.0, by default, the main storage is still old (MMAPv1).
    To use WT, you must migrate (if there is data) and run mongod with a special parameter:
    mongod --storageEngine wiredTiger --dbpath <newWiredTigerDBPath>

    more The

    old format (MMAPv1) and the new (WT) are not compatible, so manual migration is required using mongodump, mongoexport or using a replica.

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