IPO 2018 statistics: attracted $ 45 billion, Dropbox raised less money than pharmaceutical companies and real estate sellers


    The publication Business Insider has published statistics on IPO, which took place in the United States this year. This year was successful for companies entering American exchanges - they managed to place shares worth $ 45.7 billion.

    The top five included placement of shares of a cloud service for storing Dropbox files (4th position in the rating). At the same time, a technology startup has attracted less money than companies from the field of developing drugs for animals and selling commercial real estate.

    How did IPO Dropbox go

    IPO Dropbox took place on March 23. On this day, trading started on the Nasdaq exchange, shares were assigned a ticker DBX. At the start of trading the price of the company's shares exceeded $ 30. Immediately after the start of trading, the value of shares rose by more than 40% - their initial value was set at $ 21. By the time of publication of the Business Insider rating, the stock price has decreased, but the overall price increase since the start of trading was still 15%.

    The leaders of Dropbox expected to raise $ 756 million, with a company valuation of approximately $ 8 billion, but the IPO was even more successful - they managed to attract $ 869.4 million.

    TOP 3 most successful IPOs

    According to analysts, success in the IPO market is explained by the positive situation in the economy. Among all industries, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies were the most successful in terms of entering the stock exchange - 55 IPOs took place in this area, during which shares were sold for $ 6.8 billion. Technological, media and telecommunication companies also showed significant success by organizing 38 IPOs $ 15 billion.

    International companies are showing serious interest in holding an IPO in the United States. For example, in the field of technology, media and telecommunications from 38 IPOs, 11 placements were conducted by companies not based in America.

    The largest IPO of the current year in the United States was the placement of shares of the pharmaceutical company Elanco Animal Health for $ 1.74 billion, the second place was fintech-company Greensky ($ 1.01 billion), the third place was the commercial real estate broker Cushman & Wakefield ($ 879.75 million ).

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