Another problem with MacBook Pro displays

    No sooner had Apple released the extended warranty program for replacing breaking keyboards, a new, much more serious problem associated with the design flaws of the model began to appear on the MacBook Pro 2016 release and later.


    Each time you open and close the laptop, the cable lends itself to slight friction and stress. Over time, the cable is frayed and the display or some of its components, for example, the backlight, simply stop working. Absolutely all laptops are subject to this, but the problem usually manifests itself after many years of use. In the case of the MacBook Pro, based on the available statistics, the problem manifests itself most often after a year and a half of use, when the one-year warranty period has already expired.

    Being prone to this problem, the laptop begins to show the following symptoms:

    • The effect of “theatrical lighting” begins to appear at high levels of illumination.
    • Full backlight off when the cover deviates by more than a certain angle

    These problems can manifest themselves either individually or together. The display itself works, it can be seen under artificial light. Both of these problems are well shown in the following video:

    Grindable cable soldered to the LCD-matrix and there are simply no official ways to replace it.


    The defect was named Flexgate, by the name of the frayed flex cable. Since its design has not changed since 2016, the following models are subject to this problem:

    • MacBook Pro 13 ”2016 (with two Thunderbolt 3)
    • MacBook Pro 13 ”2017 (with two Thunderbolt 3)
    • MacBook Pro 13 ”2016 (with four Thunderbolt 3)
    • MacBook Pro 13 ”2017 (with four Thunderbolt 3)
    • MacBook Pro 13 ”2018 (with four Thunderbolt 3)
    • MacBook Pro 15 ”2016
    • MacBook Pro 15 ”2017
    • MacBook Pro 15 ”2018

    Unfortunately, Apple currently does not recognize this problem as a manufacturing defect and forces laptop owners who are prone to a defect to pay more than $ 600. In this regard, a petition appeared on the Internet designed to draw the company's attention to this problem and to achieve the launch of an extended warranty program to replace defective displays.

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