Prezi - An Alternative Presentation Tool

    In connection with the upcoming day of all lovers, I want to recommend to the entire habrosociety one very curious service called . He was mentioned in passing on Habré, but they did not devote a separate topic to him. And since Prezi, in the light of Valentine's Day, can be a very useful service, I decided to share the find with you.


    Essentially, Prezi offers an alternative presentation concept. So to speak, a tool trying to compete with Microsoft PowerPoint. I don’t know how it is about their successes, but as a means to create a gift for beloved people, it will be just right. Everything in this service pleased me, except for one ... I did not find the opportunity to insert musical accompaniment inside. And it’s a pity, quite a bit was not enough for the perfect gift.

    In general, look better yourself at how this works and if you want, then in a couple of hours, it’s quite possible to mold a pretty little Valentine.

    If you do not pay attention to the dubious name of the service, :) you can see how smart and convenient the interface it has, and how smartly it runs, despite working with graphics. Make your loved ones enjoyable!

    PS Still, I found a way to insert sound. True, in one place ... You can convert an mp3 file to flv or swf, and then paste it as a video through "Insert> Load File".
    PPS I have not yet figured out in which blog it would be better to post this topic. The closest seemed "Web 2.0". I would be glad if you give practical suggestions for the transfer to a more suitable place.

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