Weekly build Vivaldi


    Another week has passed and we traditionally offer for testing the next test build of the Vivaldi browser (number Work on this version went in the same areas: implementing the functions requested by users, improving existing browser capabilities and fixing bugs. Let's start with the new products, which are not very many today (much more is in the process of implementation).

    So, starting with this assembly, we offer for testing a 64-bit version for Windows. We’ll immediately warn you that not all plugins are supported yet and 64-bit versions are required for correct operation.

    Notable innovations include the addition of new localizations. The fact is that Chromium supports only 53 locales, and our translation team, which already has 80 people, translates the browser interface into 33 languages ​​(including even such an exclusive one as Ido - the successor of Esperanto. This assembly is not yet available). However, several languages ​​are not supported in Chromium. Therefore, we implemented our own localization system, which now allows you to add any languages ​​without restrictions. In the new browser assembly were added:

    • Galician (not supported in Chromium)
    • Icelandic (not supported in Chromium)
    • Macedonian (not supported in Chromium)
    • Belarusian (not supported in Chromium)
    • Armenian (not supported in Chromium)
    • Bulgarian
    • Hungarian
    • Slovenian

    In total, 29 locales are available in this assembly (in addition to English).

    A lot of work has been done with the bookmarks bar, which appeared in the last build. Now you can turn off the display of website icons, leaving only the name. If there are a lot of bookmarks in the panel and they all cannot fit, some of them will be available in the drop-down list.

    Another function was improved in the new assembly - the Return button, which did not always work correctly.

    Detailed fix list:

    • VB-3638 - wasd spatial navigation steals cursor from amazon.com
    • VB-3614 - Zooming in / out in fullscreen doesn't work correctly
    • VB-3610 - Zooming on a flicker image lags / slows the pc
    • VB-3590 - Add context menu to top level items in bookmark bar
    • VB-3585 - regression: Ctrl + Z reopen closed tab even if focus in textfield
    • VB-3565 - Issue Report: Middle-click on item in bookmarks bar
    • VB-3548 - In some cases focus could be lost in url field
    • VB-3543 - Add setting to hide / show favicons on bookmarks bar
    • VB-3531 - Focus reset in urlfield
    • VB-3527 - Bookmarkbar menu and settings option not in sync
    • VB-3524 - Bookmarksbar is stuck in fullscreen mode
    • VB-3503 - Drag and drop in bookmarks bar
    • VB-3433 - Ability to create new tab by middle mouse button
    • VB-3333 - [Confirmed] Tab bar visible in fullscreen mode
    • VB-2924 - No support for plural in i18n
    • VB-2366 - localhost (without http) server url not working in urlfield
    • VB-2018 - Rewind button not available
    • VB-3722 - Regression: Focus lost when background page finish loading
    • VB-3702 - Issue Report: “0” character appearing in settings panel
    • VB-3686 - Bookmarks bar hides address bar
    • VB-3663 - Opening folder-child bookmarks in bookmarks bar does not work
    • VB-3659 - Move default homepage over to use https
    • VB-3657 - Add class .is-mail to vivaldi: // mail page
    • VB-3644 - Camera access dialog appears underneath bookmarks bar
    • VB-3642 - Opening links from bookmark bar folders does not work
    • VB-3605 - Place bookmark icons under a chevron icon for items that do not fit on bookmark bar
    • VB-3575 - Issue Report: The Trash Can icon overlaps the Minimize button when there are many tabs opened
    • VB-2778 - Add support for Belarusian (be), Galician (gl), Armenian (hy), Icelandic (is) and Macedonian (mk) locales.
    • VB-2772 - Bookmarks bar
    • VB-2658 - Change the bookmarks to vivaldi.com and vivaldi.net from HTTP to HTTPS
    • VB-2368 - Many settings window opens
    • VB-2273 - Webcontent context menu has an offset on Mac.
    • VB-2166 - Update thumbnail button does nothing
    • VB-2151 - Keyboard shortcut mixed up
    • VB-2030 - translations: Add context to disambiguate meaning
    • VB-1959 - View page info does nothing
    • VB-1911 - Bookmarks window missing thumbnail
    • VB-1883 - Page actions not injected into iframe
    • VB-1479 - Empty / Black thumbnails on startup.
    • VB-639 - Spatial navigation is missing

    We remind you that this is a test unstable assembly, so use it at your own peril and risk, not forgetting to keep a backup copy of all personal data. Errors found can be reported to us at the previous address .

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