Weekly io.js, February 13, 2015

    Localization in 29 languages, release 1.2.0, and much more.

    Added support for io.js ...

    Io.js repository on GitHub scores 10,000 stars

    On February 13th, io.js made it to the 10,000 star mark on GitHub. We could not have achieved this without the support of the JS community. Thanks you!

    Io.js version 1.2.0 released

    We opened the door to the world community

    You can see the original article here .
    • Interested participants were added to the teams of different languages.
    • Teams have registered accounts on Twitter and other social networks.
    • Each team has come up with its own work process and has become not just translators, but community organizers.

    Localization Statistics

    • on the first day, 146 participants expressed a desire to help in localization (now their number is more than 160)
    • 27 language groups were created on the first day (now there are 29)

    Repository Links

    io.js and node.js

    You can read the original article here .
    • Scott Hammond, CEO of Joyent, has expressed a desire to bring io.js back to node.js.

    In just a few months, the io.js project ...

    • Grew up to 23 active members of the main team
    • Multi working groups
    • 29 localization teams,
    • Attracted more participants than node.js since its inception.
    • With the support of the community, it produces quality software.

    We cannot wait to forget about the split with node.js, but we cannot sacrifice the progress, principles, and the management model that we have implemented.


    • Negotiations are underway with node.js.
    • As soon as the optimal control model is selected, a discussion on GitHub will begin on whether io.js is worth joining node.js. Voting on this issue will take place at a public meeting of the technical committee.

    For the community, nothing is changing.

    What can you do now

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