To the start, attention, DUMP! Yekaterinburg, March 20

    Hello, Habr! We have news from the Urals :) A

    conference for developers of DUMP (Development. Usability. Management. Practice) will be held on March 20 in Yekaterinburg. This year we celebrate the anniversary - for the fifth spring, we are gathering Ural (and not only) IT specialists in one place and sharing our experience. So prepare congratulations, the cake will be :)

    Surely many have already been to DUMP, so we will not talk in detail about its history. Who was not and does not know that this is the report on DUMP-2014, where everything is told. And here’s a great video that conveys the atmosphere of last year’s conference.

    Below under the cut - plans for this year and instructions on how to become a speaker and sponsor of the conference.

    And, attention, registration is already open. Join now!

    What will happen this year?

    First, we made a new site . Stylish, fashionable, youth.

    Secondly, we remain on the former site of the huge Ekaterinburg-EXPO - so that there is enough space for everyone, and this year we expect no less than 1000 participants.

    Thirdly, this year the reports will go in 7 sections, in which 70 speakers will speak.

    Development Management Section at DUMP 2014

    Traditionally, each section has a program director (or several) who select reports, help speakers prepare for the presentation, and in general, do a great and important job.

    Responsible for this year's sections:
    • FrontTalks - Oleg Mokhov (Yandex);
    • Serverside - Alexey Spiridonov (JetStyle), Pavel Egorov (SKB Kontur), Andrey Fefelov (Abak Press), Daniil Skrobov (;
    • development management - Ksenia Kudinova (IT-People);
    • testing - Ilya Vakhrushev (Exadel), Maxim Zakharov (Yandex);
    • design - Ramil Shaikhutdinov (SKB Kontur);
    • system analysis - Daria Kotlyarova (Ural-Siberian Geoinformation Company).

    This year we decided to divide the Serverside section into Hardcore and Light versions so that both the developer of a large software company and a representative of a small web studio could find an interesting topic for themselves. Our main audience is developers, and their interests are very different. So that at every moment of time for both C # and the Python programmer there is something tasty to have time to talk about databases, DevOps, and load optimization, we decided to make two tracks about the backend.

    The program is being actively formed. Here are just a few reports already approved:
    Oleg Tsarev , Mail.Ru. Using the social graph of classmates in Target Mail.Ru;
    Svetlana Isakova , JetBrains. In simple words about type inference;
    Dmitry Dudin , XB Software, Minsk. Optimization of download speed and initial rendering of web pages;
    Denis Chistyakov , Yandex. Profiling Node.js or how we accelerated from 400rps to 1100rps.

    Speaker Ilya Krasinsky, DUMP-2014

    I want to speak at DUMP-2015

    The program directors of each section identified some topics that we would be interested to hear this year (the design and spelling of the authors have been preserved).

    Hello! We, Oleg Mokhov and Valeria Atamanova, work in Yandex and represent the FrontTalks section at the DUMP-2015 conference. Last year, the section under our leadership was, it seems to us, extremely interesting, and we intend to repeat the success.

    You, of course, are aware of the many changes in the world of Frontend. Web components are sweeping around the planet, the implementation of ECMAScript 6 continued, React entered into an unequal battle with Angular.js, and the upstart io.js will try to compete with the familiar node.js. Problems with old browsers have not gone away - IE8 is still alive and annoying us. We are sure that you did not remain aloof from the trends, and during the year you did a lot of interesting things, which you would like to tell your colleagues in the workshop.

    For everyone who wants to speak and share progressive thoughts and best practices, our mail service works. And we are waiting for everyone else at the conference. A rich program and fruitful communication is guaranteed.

    A few years ago, there were few UX / UI specialists, and this area was actively developing. Today, interfaces have taken almost the most important place in the process of developing any product or even service. We can say that in our relatively young industry, it is time for youth.

    Where are we and what will happen next? What are the possibilities of applying our knowledge, and in which direction will the industry develop with us? What tools have we started to use, and what are we still missing? At the conference, we propose to consider this period of development from all sides, whether it is working with users, research or working with a specific tool.

    Development Management:
    In this section, we are waiting for reports for leaders of development teams, team leaders, project managers, developers who are interested in management problems, as well as for business owners and / or those who are going to "go free swimming" and start their own business. Let's talk about how realistic it is to become a good team lead. Let's look at the development from the outside. Let's try to reduce the level of uncertainty in the work of the manager. Pay attention to business aspects that may affect development management. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Representatives of companies of various sizes are ready to share their experience again and tell how not to step on the "rake" at all, or at least! - do it carefully.

    - We cut costs in a crisis: how to save on infrastructure and tools;
    - We prepare and compare programming languages;
    - Voice recognition, extracting facts from the text, machine learning in recommendation (and not only) services;
    - Collecting statistics online and using column databases for this, processing big data using Apache Spark, Hadoop and others;
    - DevOps - how to implement and with what;
    - Architecture, microservice and not;
    - Sharding databases is an eternal topic;
    - Streaming algorithms: hyperLogLog and Bloom filter. What development tasks can be solved with their help;
    - HHVM and translation of the project on it (or other virtual machines: kphp, phpng);

    - Performance testing for the smallest;
    - How to avoid bug-driven development;
    - What do manual testers learn and where do they grow;
    - Holivar with managers and programmers about the perfect tester;
    - The system of continuous integration as the rhythm of the project and a way of communication;
    - Security testing, necessary and sufficient. Where to begin;
    - On metrics and evaluating the effectiveness of testers;
    - How to distribute tasks and keep interest: motivation, whips, gingerbread cookies.

    - Big data analysis. The use of mathematical tools
    - Approaches to documenting a project at different stages of development
    - Is the analyst also a usability? Relationships between analysts and usabilityists in your company
    - Interaction between analysts in a distributed team
    - And the eternal topic: requirements management tools and practices.

    Any presentation formats are possible: section report (40 min), blitz report (10-20 minutes), master class. We will be glad to learn from you something new, any interesting practice that you discovered for yourself in the past year.

    If you have something to tell about one of these topics, urgently apply here or write to Applications for reports are accepted until February 24.

    If you have an interesting report on a topic not stated above, write anyway - perhaps the program committee will decide that your report will be super useful and include it in the program.

    One of the brightest speakers of the past year - Andrey Sitnik

    I want to become a sponsor of DUMP-2015

    We are looking for sponsors and partners who value the love and respect of IT people. Packages can be viewed here . For partnership questions, write to

    We love that sponsors move forward fun and actively. Here are some of the activities that the conference partners entertained the participants last year.

    Jenga as an adult on # DUMP

    @rdvornov Having
    fun in breaks # DAMP

    Cat room with prefix

    And even ice cream was

    If you want to sponsor, but you can’t figure out how, write, we will help with ideas.

    I want to participate!

    Well, the most important thing. Registration for DUMP is already open. Until March 1, a ticket costs 3800 rubles.

    Come to us in Yekaterinburg on March 20 - it will be useful and interesting.

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