The picture of the world is completed: HabraDarkAge began to support

    There was a time to scatter sites and there is a time to collect sites. Sites compiled at Tmfeed, Tmfeed compiled at HabraDarkAge. So, Yin received integrity, as Yang had received it before. Yan (Yang, ZenComment) is also refined to better represent the information block with the number of views and ratings. geek . ya

    Here's what it looks like. HabraDarkAge ( description ):

    ZenComment ( description ):

    Both user styles support all 3 sites that are chocked from the X site: Habr, Geektimes, for managers, and combining them . In addition, HabraDarkAge supports the mobile version of each of the 3 sites, and ZenComment can support the old Opera (in recent versions, support was not tracked).
    • Github them and related scripts and styles.

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