Weekly io.js, February 6, 2015

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We bring to your attention the translation of the article io.js Week of February 6th 2015 from @iojs on Medium.

Atom and nw.js switched to io.js, Linux Tracing, and much more.

Looking back at January, we found that this was the third most active month in Node.js history (294 commits) and the most active month for almost three years (308 commits in February 2012) . With this increase in support, we expect February to be even more fruitful.

  1. Version 1.1.0 released . You can view the changes here .
  2. Sam Newman added streamlined creation of Stream objects .
  3. Linux Tracing (LTTNG) support will be added soon.
  4. As part of a closer collaboration on debugging issues in io.js, Google shared its best practices for v8 and Chrome .
  5. Travis CI added support io.js .
  6. Codeship added support io.js .
  7. Atom Editor moved to io.js .
  8. nw.js (previously node-webkit) moved to io.js .
  9. New microcontrollers Tessel support io.js .
  10. Chris Dickinson has added six new committers . Thus, the total number of active committers is 23 .
  11. Work is underway on a “ Stability and Compatibility Policy ”, community participation is encouraged.
  12. We started asking companies about io.js deployment plans . Let us know if you think we have missed any.
  13. Next week will be the Node Summit . Among the speakers there are many people from io.js.
  14. Weekly TC meeting .
  15. Weekly website working group meeting .
  16. Weekly debugging working group meeting .

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