High-tech Valentine's Day gifts

    Our analytical center reports that the question "What to give for Valentine's Day?" Is relevant for most users of Habrahabr. Therefore, we have chosen unusual high-tech (and not so) gifts that can please your soulmate.

    Stylus Sensu Brush

    Steve Jobs hated styluses, but didn't say anything about brushes. Sensu Brush - a pen for capacitive screens, which is suitable for creative people: the cap acts as a stylus, and underneath it reveals a digital brush from a conductive pile.

    As a result, the tablet is transformed into an art gallery: even those who believed that they could not draw, enjoy working with Sensu Brush. The rubberized handle and chrome-plated body are responsible for the convenience: the brush feels good in the palm of your hand, so extra movements are automatically excluded.

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    Monopod Momax SelfiFit

    The popularity of the accessory for self-portraits is growing every day: not everyone calls this device a “monopod”, but everyone knows what a selfie stick is. The device from Momax is the flagship in its category: this monopod is equipped with a telescopic handle (from 28 to 90 centimeters), a universal mount (suitable for both a smartphone and a camera) and a special tripod jack.

    The head of the selfie stick rotates 360 degrees - you can click self-portraits from any angle. The final plus is the remote control included in the standard package: it is needed for those cases when the length of the monopod is not enough.

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    External battery Lepow Moonstone

    Gadgets from this category are rarely aesthetic: as a rule, manufacturers forget about design, trying to cram more milliamps into a plastic box. At Lepow Moonstone, everything is different: a solid volume (6000 mAh) is combined with a pleasant appearance, which is complemented by a chic woolen cover.

    Lepow also took care of practicality: the battery is equipped with two ports for normal (1.2A) and accelerated (2.1A) charging. Accordingly, filling the tablet’s battery will not turn into a ten-hour attraction: the “tablet” will be charged at the speed that a native adapter can provide.

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    Zendure 4-Port USB Wireless Charger

    Zendure developed an adapter that is ready to charge wirelessly: just plug the device into an outlet and put a smartphone on it so that the battery starts to receive energy. At the end of the Zendore 4-Port housing there are 4 USB bays for regular charging: of course, it supports connecting four devices at the same time.

    Charging without a cable is gradually being included in the gentleman's list of specifications of the top smartphone: now the flagship Lumia, the latest Nexus and current LG models can boast such a function. Another short list of gadgets that support Qi-charging includes smart watches (for example, Motorola 360). For those devices that are not yet friends with the wireless method, a Qi receiver is purchased: even iPhone 6 can be charged with it without lighting.

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    Click and Grow - Cherry Tomatoes

    Tomatoes at 800 rubles / kilogram for a couple of days became a prominent topic for discussion on Twitter: the weakening of the ruble raised food prices to cosmic heights. It is better to start the transition to subsistence farming with a smartpot - a smart bed that almost automatically converts cartridges into fruiting plants. However, you still have to do something: you need to pour water and periodically change it.

    After a couple of weeks, the first sprouts will appear above the round holes, and after 2-3 months, the smartpot will delight you with a dozen miniature tomatoes. The best part is that after the cycle is completed, you can insert a new cartridge into Click and Grow: the device itself recognizes the type of plant (for example, mint or basil) and starts to supply it with fertilizers.

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    Thule Crossover Backpack

    The 25-liter storage is designed for the safe transportation of all gadgets: MacBook Pro (or any other 15-inch laptop), iPad, smartphone and charging will fit here. Each compartment is thought out to the smallest detail: a laptop and tablet fall into pockets with soft padding, and the phone gets a place in SafeMode. This shockproof compartment can be locked or eliminated altogether if free space is required.

    Thule Crossover is made of waterproof material, and perforated shoulder straps will not allow you to feel discomfort: in general, ideal for a real gadget man.

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    Fitness Tracker Mio Fuse

    Mio heart rate monitors compares favorably with competitors by the absence of a chest sensor: thanks to the new technology, heart rate monitoring is carried out only by a fitness bracelet. In addition to tracking your heart rate, Mio Fuse can count steps, calculate distance traveled, and display calories burned. All data is entered into the activity log, which is then loaded into the iOS or Android device.

    The tracker can work in two modes: “All day” and “Workout”. The bracelet stores information about the last 30 hours of training, and the battery capacity is enough for about a week, if you play sports one hour a day. At the moment, Fuse is one of the most versatile fitness trackers on the market: its advanced sports features do not leave a mark on design and autonomy.

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    Jawbone mini Jambox speaker system

    Jawbone's portable speaker weighs just 255 grams and fits easily into your pocket. The device received an aluminum case with rubberized ends, but the case materials are not so important: it is much more interesting that the Jambox is released immediately in 9 different colors. The speaker connects to an iOS or Android device in two ways: either through a 3.5 mm cable (both ends are 3.5 mm) or via Bluetooth. After this short setup, the speaker system allows not only listening to music, but also answering calls.

    Additional functionality appears due to the installation of the application from the App Store or Google Play: you can even choose a notification voice that tells about a 50% charge level or speaks the caller’s number. In the continuous sound mode, the Jawbone Jambox can work for 10 hours, but if you turn off the system periodically, the operating time will be reduced to about 8 hours.

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    P. S.
    Valentine's Day is great, but remember that love should not have specific days, it should always be.

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