Javascript master classes from Ilya Kantor in Ukraine

    Last year, Ilya Kantor ( ), a professional in the field of JavaScript, held master classes .

    The topics of his master classes were - professional JavaScript programming, AJAX / COMET, jQuery. Since then, we have received many questions about whether such master classes are also planned when.

    This year we will again organize workshops, and invite the developers of Kiev to take part in them.

    Master classes will be held in Kiev on May 17-18, in our wonderful hall on the 20th floor.

    In addition to Kiev, they will be in Kharkov , Lviv and Kherson this year .
    More detailed information about the master classes is available on the host’s website .


    Briefly about master classes:

    Master class "Professional javascript programming"
    This master class is about what every developer should know.
    It is dedicated to professional development, tools that make life more convenient, and development easier, as well as numerous features and javascript features.

    Workshop “Complex AJAX and COMET: Web 2.0 Subtleties”
    AJAX is not just an XMLHttpRequest request. This is the foundation for building services, including support for History and Back / Forward buttons and asynchronous event management. This is client and server multithreading. This is COMET technology and the future of the Web.
    The master class will make modern approaches simple and understandable for you, allow you to improve existing applications and move on to a brand new development in the future.

    Workshop on client optimization
    How to speed up a page by doing almost nothing. How to seriously speed up a page and a website if you do something ;-)

    Workshop "jQuery Secrets"
    The workshop focuses on the internal features of the jQuery framework and creating widgets with jQuery UI.
    This is not an introductory course. It is for those who already use jQuery, but want to do it more efficiently. The information presented at the master class allows you to get deeper acquainted with the capabilities and work of the framework.

    Ilya considers all topics in detail, with emphasis on non-trivial things and features of technical solutions that come with experience.

    Participation in workshops is paid, the price at the moment is 350 UAH, when registering for all 4 master classes - 10% discount. More detailed information is available on the host’s website, on the page , when choosing the city of Kiev.

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