Until next time

    Dear Habr,

    Our company is actively developing, enters foreign markets and stands on the English track. With great sorrow in our hearts, we decided to freeze the blog on Habré.

    We continue to engage in emotional technology with double zeal, ahead of us there are many interesting projects and products that we will be happy to talk about in our English-language blog , on our website and in social networks ( Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn ).

    The following publications remain in the program of future publications:

    • Emotion AI technologies (with code, blackjack and expert analysis of the main approaches)
    • News from the world of R&D and science
    • Business and only business

    Do not get lost and look for us by the hashtags #EmotionRecognition, #AffectiveComputing, #EmotionAI, #FaceDetection, #EyeTracking, #BodyTracking, #SpeakerDiarization, #MachineLearning, #DeepLearning.

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