Operation Go - an action game for Go programmers

    Today, a game for programmers - Operation Go - has appeared on the net . In my opinion, this is a very high-quality game in which you need to complete missions, understanding, disassembling and adding code to Go. All this with a plot, development and plot, a good soundtrack, is interesting and addictive. You act as a secret service agent, who regularly has to deal with problem solving using code.

    Very cool done, really. Try it and get ready to discover some new aspects of Go or the standard library. In some levels, a mathematical reason is needed. Well, English, of course.

    I would put such toys at interviews to candidates and watch how a person decides.

    Announcement on reddit:www.reddit.com/r/golang/comments/2veiht/operation_go_a_routine_mission
    Posted by Andy Brewer

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