News about low IQ of IE users turned out to be a hoax

    Remember the news that a recent study by a Canadian company showed that users with lower than average IQ are more likely to use Internet Explorer than other browsers? This turned out to be a hoax.

    CBR found that the site of AptiQuant, the company that allegedly conducted the study, contains large chunks of text and images identical to the content of the psychometric testing company Central Test. Compare, for example, these two pages , and you will see that one of these companies is a fake.

    Moreover, according to Whois, was registered a little more than two weeks ago, while the website says that the company was founded five years ago.

    Central Test told CBR that it had nothing to do with AptiQuant, which pretty much allows the whole story to be called a hoax.

    At the same time, attention to detail on the AptiQuant website is surprising. For example, you can find earlier studies (also simply copied from the Central Test website), frequently asked questions and the full address of the company - in a word, everything that people usually find on the websites of such companies.

    In addition, after the publication of the article and the “study” about the IQ of users of different browsers, AptiQuant did not shut up, but published the following article that loyal IE users threaten her with a lawsuit.

    via Mashable , The Next Web

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