EveryLang - translate, check spelling, switch and show the current keyboard layout

    EveryLang is a tool with which, in any program, you can easily translate any text, check spelling, and also switch the keyboard layout on the fly and show the flag of the current input language in the mouse pointer and text cursor.

    All these features are already implemented in other programs.

    Translators: Translateclient , QTranslate , Dicter , etc.
    Spell Checking: Spell Checker , ORFO solutions , LanguageTool , maybe something else.
    Layout Switch: Punto Switcher , Arum Switcher , Key Switcherand a few small enthusiast projects.
    Indicator of the current input language: Aml Maple .

    Each of them has its own characteristics, pros and cons, some paid, some buggy or just uncomfortable.
    In general, I’m tired of keeping this entire zoo on my computer, monitoring their updates, tuning, getting along with their not always good behavior.
    And I decided to make a bike for myself so that everything was working and it worked well, did not irritate and delight the eye.
    In the end, meet my little EveryLang project .


    Translation into more than 30 languages.
    The program uses the services of Google, Microsoft and Yandex, which help to translate texts into any desired language.

    Translation can be carried out using the main window, for this text can be inserted or typed there, everything is cleared with the Esc button.

    You can also translate the text by simply selecting it in any program and double-clicking on Ctrl. A window will open with the translation of the selected text, you can copy it, or replace the original text if the field is being edited.

    Hot keys, translation service and main languages ​​can be changed in the settings.


    Spellchecking is implemented using the ORFO service, while there is no need to select a language for checking, the system will determine it and give the result. To check spelling, you need to select the necessary text and press the key combination Ctrl + F7, and if you want to check the text from the main program window, just press F7. While there is no punctuation check, maybe in the future I will fix it.

    Layout Switching

    EveryLang can easily be an alternative to Punto Switcher, although there is no auto-switching, which I have never used, and according to many reviews, others also do not favor this feature. In the future, I will add auto-switching, at least it is interesting in terms of implementation.


    • Works everywhere
    • Independent of installed input languages
    • Toggle by clicking on Break, double Shift or double Scroll lock
    • Double-clicking on Insert switches the layout for the entire line, not just the last word
    • Switch layout for selected text by pressing Ctrl + ~
    • Change case of selected text by Win + ~

    For correct operation, you must close Punto Switcher and all similar programs.

    Indicator of the current input language

    The functionality is borrowed from the Aml Maple program, shows the name of the input language or flag. There is one thing but, the pointer does not work in the text cursor in browsers, you can only come to terms with this.
    Unlike Aml Maple, the cursor itself is not replaced, just a small tail window always follows it. When replacing the cursor, there is a problem of displaying it on a dark background, which is what is observed in Aml Maple, I had the same problem, and I had to refuse it. My implementation also has flaws, but it seems to me that they are not so significant.

    You can enable or disable the indicator from the taskbar.

    Action window

    You can enable a special window. After selecting the text, click on the middle mouse button and an action window will appear where you can choose one of the actions: translate, spell check, copy, search in the browser.


    The program is installed using ClickOnce in one click, no advertising installations and ticks with a catch, it is updated. There is also a portable version.
    Questions, wishes can be left in issues tracker .

    Thanks for attention.

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