The digest of interesting materials from the world of Drupal # 4


    The most interesting and useful from the world of Drupal over the past 3 weeks.

    In Russian

    1. The first steps in the development of Twitter Bootstrap and Drupal will help to make the article Bootstrap + Drupal 7: quick excursion for beginners .
    2. Another double-edged Drupal tool worth knowing: hook_module_implements_alter () .
    3. @xandeadx shares a gentlemanly set of modules .
    4. Habré published the article Configuration Management in Drupal 8, a review for developers . If any of the examples no longer works, check out Change records , where all API changes are logged.
    5. Brevity is the soul of wit. Micro-Council - global $ user in functions . Yes, and of course, call this parameter $ account, not $ user :)


    Our regular column for beginners.
    1. A simple example of customizing a contact form: change the title and redirection .
    2. We study field templates in Display Suite , calmly, step by step, with screenshots.
    3. Using the Workbench family of modules, you can organize a flexible moderation and workflow system on the site. For an example of adding a new document state, see Add a New Moderation State Tab to Workbench .
    4. 5 anti-spam modules + the same amount in the comments. I lit up and the Simple Anti-Spam .
    5. In Drupal, it just $(function() {})doesn’t. Details about the Javascript and Drupal behaviors , see the article lullabotov fresh.

    Drupal and Git

    1. For those who have not yet made a single commit in their life, the author of the CodeKarate Drupal blog burst into a series of articles on Git: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 .
    2. The article “Git setup with hook for post-receive” discusses a way to avoid storing the Git repository in the docroot of your server, based on automatic synchronization using post-receive hooks.
    3. Quite often, you have to deal with several remote Git repositories at the same time, for example, with the Drupal kernel code and the code of the developed site. In this case, a problem arises when with the original repository we also drag out its entire history, and this can significantly affect its place. The article “Multiple git remotes, the --depth parameter and repo size” provides a solution to this problem.

    Everything for a Drupal Developer

    1. The article “Rapid Drupal Scaffolding with Yeoman” discusses issues of generating code for entities, modules, etc. template-based with Yeoman Generator . In the sequel, you should read the article “Creating Custom Ctools Layout Plugins with Yeoman” , which is devoted to the generation of plugins for Ctools, as well as with “Yo Hedley!” on the subject of Headless Drupal. Now you know everything about Yeoman!
    2. Modern page development often involves the use of panels, Views, and other features that ultimately become portable using the Features module . The article “Code Management in Drupal 7 using Features, Ctools, and Panels” discusses the issues of creating listings using standard tools (EntityFieldQuery, etc.), and not using the Views module, with the focus on the proper integration of all this stuff with the module Panels, and the subsequent packing in a feature.
    3. Drush continues to acquire beautiful sites with documentation: has been added to .
    4. By the way, Drush can be launched automatically through Grunt , if you really want to.
    5. Drupal caching is always a hot topic. We delve into the wilds of the kernel to understand why the page cache for anonymous users does not work out. You can read the same topic at 2bits .
    6. How to use my theme function for a form? Useful when layout is very specific.

    Drupal 8

    1. Career-Drupal developer from WebOmelette: 6 steps required to become a developer of Drupal 8 .
    2. A short basic course (again, for the developer) is called “Drupal 8 in 2 steps”. Why should there be exactly two steps - ask for help from the audience :)
    3. The third step is logical to put the study of Twig (the new template engine, which replaced PHPTemplate) for the article “Gettin` Twiggy” .
    4. The next beta (sixth) Drupal 8 has been released . Unfortunately, there is still no normal Upgrade path .
    5. A series of articles continues to be published on the software extension of the Views module: fields , filters .
    6. Gabor Hojtsy continues to delight everyone with his work for the benefit of internationalization, and in his Drupal 8 multilingual tidbits series , the seventeenth (!) Article called Content translation has already appeared .
    7. Drupal Watchdog magazine has published an article on creating interactive tours in Drupal 8.
    8. If you were looking for clear definitions of various terms in Drupal related to the operation of menus (menu, path, uri), then we recommend that you read the article “How does Drupal use these different terms? Route, Path, URL, URI, Link, Menu item “ .
    9. A note on why annotations are needed both in general and in Drupal in particular.

    Business and Community

    Drupal outside code:

    1. A few weeks ago, the community actively retweeted articles about using Drupal in the Smart Home . And although the authors mercilessly exploit all the bad practices that can be found in Drupal, it's still a lot of fun.
    2. Chx leaves again, now from the Drupal Planet aggregator. The friendly Drupal community loves him very much and hopes that he will be back soon, rested and with magnets :)
    3. DrupalCon Latin America begins , which means that there will be many new videos coming soon.
    4. The association published the membership of the Drupalcons in 2014 .

    Interesting modules

    1. Views Fast Field - displaying fields of an entity without loading the entity itself.
    2. Views Accelerator - automatic optimization of the post execute phase of Views with analysis, statistics, when standard caching by time is not enough. Effective for working with geodata, fields with prefixes and suffixes, etc.
    3. Memcache Storage is an alternative to the Memcache module, which provides Drupal integration with Memcached for high performance. Memcache Storage has a number of additional features compared to the original.
    4. Corresponding Entity References - if entity A refers to entity B, and entity B refers to A, then when updating or deleting original entities, the connection may become incorrect. This module solves this problem.
    5. Translation Management Tool - a toolkit for translating content from various sources, including manual, machine and integration with any translation services.
    6. Drupal Issue Tracking is an extension for Chrome that allows you to monitor the status of any tickets (issue) from
    7. Apido is a user script (userscript) for Chrome / Opera / Firefox that highlights variables and braces when displaying the code on and
    8. Pushbullet API - sending push notifications to mobile devices, as well as to your browsers ( article ).
    9. Machine Name - adds a field for storing a machine name (stores an alphanumeric value that must be unique and rarely change ( article ).

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