DevCon Digest # 1. Dive into .NET

    Hello, Habr! While we are preparing in full for our annual big DevCon conference , we decided that it would be nice for developers who will watch and listen to the conference reports and communicate with experts to deepen and refresh their knowledge to a conference.

    Therefore, we decided to make weekly thematic collections of materials in one of the areas of the conference, gathering in one place recent news, new training materials, announcements of side events and other useful resources.

    News & Articles

    Introduction to .NET Core

    A detailed article by Immo Landwerth on the history of the creation of .NET Core, a new open, modular and cross-platform .NET platform that formed the basis of ASP.NET and .NET Native for modern touch devices.

    CoreCLR (GC, JIT, interop, ...) in Open Source!

    CoreCLR is the .NET runtime engine in .NET Core, which includes garbage collection and compilation into native code. The article announces the publication of the engine in clear text on GitHub and reveals some details regarding the available code repository.

    How I studied the .NET CoreCLR repository using PowerBI [En]

    Scott Hanselman talks about how he studied the CoreCLR repository on GitHub using the recently announced PowerBI data analysis tool. Want to see statistics on code changes broken down by authors or hours? Scott shows how to do these and other queries using natural language.

    14 Key Visual Basic 14 Enhancements [En]

    In anticipation of the release of Visual Studio 2015, with which the Visual Basic language (the second most popular for .NET) will be updated, Lucian Wischik talked with the VB team. The 14th version of Visual Basic was completely rewritten from scratch (about 1.3 million lines of code in VB), - previous versions were written in C ++, and used this chance to rethink every part of the language. In this article, developers share their favorite moments: from improving the experience of writing code to new products in the language itself.

    See also Lucian's article on the new features of VB 14 .

    New C # 6 Features [En]

    Mads Torgersen talks about the latest sixth version of C #, available with VS2015 Preview. C # 6 aims to make the programmer’s daily routine easier without adding new concepts, reducing the amount of code of the same type. In the article, Mads talks about many small improvements (like a conditional statement? .. and the nameof operator for resolving the names of program elements).

    Preview F # 4 and Visual F # Tools in VS 2015 [En]

    The language marathon of the issue concludes with an article by Lincoln Atkinson about new features on the functional field - the new version of F # with constructors as first-class functions, simplification of work with variable values ​​and an expanded main library.

    Adding Code Corrections to Your Roslyn Analyzer [En]

    Continued article by Alex Turner on the creation of a regular expression analyzer using Roslyn. In a new article, Alex shows how to add tooltips with suggestions for fixing the code so that the developer can immediately see how the final code will look and, if necessary, automatically apply the corrections.

    What Every Programmer Should Know About Compiler Optimization

    Hadi Brais talks about the optimizations used by the Visual C ++ compiler. The article discusses the main techniques used and discusses the decisions that the compiler must make for their application. The purpose of the article is not so much to teach you how to do similar manipulations yourself, but how to increase the credibility of the compiler above due to a better understanding of what it can do for you with your code.


    Second .NET Community Meeting at CLRium

    Mini-conferences dedicated to the insides of CLR, Roslin, RyuJIT and CoreFx will be held in Moscow (April 3-4) and St. Petersburg (May 29-30).

    Microsoft Virtual Academy Courses

    Exciting C # Programming

    One of the most viewed MVA courses for developers, designed for all those who are just going to learn how to program. Using simple examples (like a virtual turtle crawling around the screen) Dmitry Soshnikov acquaints students with the basics of the language and basic algorithms.

    Development of modern applications in C #

    A new course from Dmitry Soshnikov and Tatyana Smetanina will introduce you to the diversity of the .NET platform and the wide possibilities of using C # in a variety of conditions: from the cloud to applications and the Internet of things.

    C # Programming Language ( Part 1 , Part 2 )

    Immersion in working with the C # language by Sergey Baydachny is a detailed course that provides both basics like structures, types and classes, as well as advanced topics, such as working with files and streams, collections, and asynchronous programming.


    TechEd Europe'14. The Future of C # and Visual Basic [En]

    Project “Roslyn” is a complete renewal of the C # and Visual Basic compilers, exposing them as full fidelity APIs for everyone to use, and providing a great foundation for evolving the tool experience and the languages ​​themselves. How can you make use of "Roslyn," and what new language features do we have in store? Come and see!

    Git training for the .NET team [En]

    Record of internal training of Andrew Arnott for the .NET team.

    Introduction to API Review [En]

    The .NET team talks about conducting an API review: the overall process, working with the community, resolving compatibility issues, and the evolution of manuals.

    By the way, if you want to see how it goes live, you can see the review of pool requests from GitHub for .NET Core.

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