The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 89 developer (on February 2-8)

    In the new weekly digest - the story of the relatively unsuccessful fight against adware on Google Play, the rise and fall of Yandex two-factor authentication, streaming content in iOS, the new report “Status of mobile advertising” from Opera, Yandex.Metro tracking users and many other interesting articles and news .

    How I struggled with adware on Google Play and lost

    Under the cut, I will tell my version of events: how I calculated and searched for adware on Google Play, decompiled the adware sdk code, can I wait for an answer from Google support, why mobile antiviruses are useless and how they manage to make good free advertising on a hot info line.

    Why did we make the Beeline application for Windows Phone and what is there in this OS that is not available in iOS and Android

    We have applications for subscribers with a personal account on Android and iOS. When the number of users of WP smartphones in our network exceeded half a million, we naturally began to write an application. Given the number of potential installations and the fact that other operators of the application do not have WP, Microsoft helped us in every possible way with information on the features of the OS.

    Two-factor authentication, which is convenient to use and How to hack Yandex two-factor authentication

    A successful attack requires relatively fast internet on your smartphone (in order to get a cookie before the victim) and a good camera on the device is desirable. My code was successfully recognized from a distance of a meter, while my experimental friends did not notice anything and were very surprised at this trick when I showed them their mail on my phone.



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    Marketing and monetization


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