[intelligence card] 462 useful questions for all occasions

    Instead of writing another article about powerful issues, we drafted a program with slavapankratov , which we are about to start. As they say, whatever you design, you still get an intelligence card. :) So we got it: image[intellect card] 462 questions for all occasions (in the formats mm, mmind, xmind, mmap) Communication, as you know, is controlled by the one who asks the questions. Therefore, we spent the last month collecting useful, working questions on what we constantly encounter in our work or may encounter:
    • Concretization of situations and access to the constructive
    • Goal clarification
    • Meetings 1: 1 with employees
    • Entrance of the manager to the team
    • Job interviews
    • Work with the boss
    • Work with customer
    • Meetings
    • Ideas
    It’s clear that the card turned out to be huge, so we had a free webinar on how to use it:Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes. Why about the questions? Despite the fact that colleague slavapankratov has a second tower - specializing in practical psychology, we try not to add unnecessary psychologisms. At one of the IT conferences, I remember that the acting psychologist tore the audience’s brain with the phrase: “As you know, there are 4 dimensions: length, width, height and depth. ” The next hour, everyone tried to digest this innovation. We try so not to break away from the people, to be closer to practice. Just put together a collection of the right questions for different work situations. You, by the way, can notice that this intellect card has intersections with the “Formula of work with people” . This is no accident, the topics are closely related.

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