January Azure platform update overview

    The news digest of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform platform   contains the main announcements and content for developers, IT professionals and all professionals interested in cloud technologies and the Azure platform. Previous digest releases can always be found at the  following link . This digest is very short :-)


    Now you can test websites without creating an Azure account! - Without specifying a credit card, without creating an Azure account. Only a Microsoft Account is needed. 

    GA and preview

    Preview: Azure Key Vault - a service for managing security, cryptographic keys and passwords (including for the Azure Rights Management Service). Hello World video .
    Preview : Migrating Linux virtual machines to Azure with Migration Accelerator - Accelerate the assessment and migration of Linux virtual machines on board to Microsoft Azure.

    Preview : VPN support on Azure WebSites- Now websites can be added to virtual networks. For example, if you have a frontend on websites, and the DBMS should be on a more powerful virtual machine, and the latency between them should be minimal.

    Open Source News

    For January, nothing happened :(.  

    Useful Content 

    A series of interesting architectural reports on the Azure Service Bus:
    Azure Service Bus

    Architectural Report 104 Azure Service Bus

    Architectural Report 103 Azure Service Bus

    Architectural Report 102 Azure Service Bus Architectural Report 101

    Guide to securing your SAP solutions with Azure Site Recovery

    A host of helpful guides and other Azure Active Directory documents :
    Azure AD / Office 365 single sign-on with AD FS in Windows Server 2012 R2 - Part 1
    Azure AD / Office 365 single sign-on with AD FS in Windows Server 2012 R2 - Part 2
    Leverage Multi-Factor Authentication Server on your premises
    Azure AD / Office 365 single sign-on with Shibboleth 2
    Active Directory from the on-premises to the cloud
    An overview of Azure AD
    Leverage Multi-Factor Authentication with Azure AD
    Leverage Azure AD for modern Business Applications

    Details and additional data processing options with using Azure Machine Learning

    Flexible Role Based Model Rights Management using Web sites

    New version of Service Bus Explorer 2.5 , including on GitHub . More details about the changes. Service Bus Explorer is an extremely useful utility for managing your Service Bus.

    Introduction to Azure Website Development Using Java

    Azure Pack Wiki is a real storehouse of useful field information from experts about Microsoft's key offering for building a hybrid cloud.
    Real-time event processing using Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics
    How to upload full-text from the shoulders of the local SQL Server to the cloud on the shoulders of Azure Search using the example of Integrated Change Tracking

    Stream Analytics - a service for real-time event processing with support for Event Hubs. Learning Materials:  
    Introduction to Azure Stream Analytics
    Limits in the Stream Analytics preview release
    Developer guide for Stream Analytics
    Query language reference for Stream Analytics
    REST API reference for Stream Analytics
    Scale Stream Analytics jobs
    A series of articles on the hybrid cloud - useful to read for those who do not want to go completely into the public cloud, but want to build a hybrid scheme.

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