HP Server Online Conference - Just 10 Days to Win 2 Tablets

    Recently, we thought - why not make an online conference on HP servers? Like the ones that we regularly conduct live for our partners and customers. And they did, of course, on Habré. What we got you can see here: special.habrahabr.ru/hp/o . And we even have a contest there where you can win one of the HP SlateBook x2 tablets!

    We chose servers as the theme. Or rather, what to look for when choosing a server. Now that the number of vendors in the Russian market has already greatly exceeded ten, and the assortment and technical characteristics of servers look the same, the question of choosing a specific model has become difficult. At first glance, everyone offers the same form factors, processors, memory, configurations, interconnect, etc. And the only criterion by which the servers differ markedly in the tablets is the purchase price. But maybe it's worth looking not only at the tablets with gigahertz and gigabytes?

    We believe that you need to evaluate the server immediately according to several criteria. And in the foreground is the cost of owning a server throughout its life. Which on average has already exceeded 5 years - and all this time the server will need to be serviced by investing its time and money.

    In a few short reports, we talked:

    First, on the whole, about iron technologies in modern HP ProLIant servers and about the ecosystem - who can buy a server, who will help with the choice, who will support its operation and how.

    about modern Intel Xeon processors - what can they and how do they differ

    what models of HP ProLiant servers are there now, what are their features

    how to find an HP partner with the right expertise, what level of technical support is available on HP servers in Russia and what partners themselves say about HP

    Then about what will help you spend as little time and effort as possible on server deployment and maintenance - that is, on management tools. Of course, our iLO technology is at the forefront here.

    Server Management Overview - HP Features and Features

    About the HP Intelligent Provisioning Server Progressive Deployment Tool

    demonstration of open REST API capabilities in HP ProLiant servers and iLO Federation group monitoring and management tools

    Next - to the correct calculation of the total cost of ownership of the server for the entire period of operation. And also about the possibilities of automation of technical support (monitoring the condition of equipment, guarantee control, establishment of service cases, etc.)

    tools for calculating the cost of ownership and return on investment in HP ProLiant servers

    About the HP Insight Online Support Monitoring Portal

    And, in conclusion, a story about the future of computing technology - the project The Machine from HP. And two bonus videos.

    The Machine by HP - Von Neumann, Get Out!

    Hands-on showing two new HP ProLiant Gen9 servers

    how to turn a server into virtual network storage - HP StoreVirtual VSA

    In the coming days I will describe each report individually. In the meantime, you only have 10 days left to watch these reports, answer all the questions of the contest and win one of the two remaining HP SlateBook x2 32 GB tablets!

    All reports and the competition are right here: special.habrahabr.ru/hp/o

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