LinkMeUp. Issue No. 23. Compass-EOS - First On-Board Optical Switching Router

    In the 22nd issue of the podcast, we talked about the hardware base of modern routers and switches - ASIC and FPGA, data transfer within the board, its processing, FPGA programming.
    At that time, we did not touch on the switching factories, which provide both data transfer between line cards and between network processors of one board. There are situations in our lives when it is the switching factories that become the bottleneck and the concept of Back Pressure arises.
    In the 23rd issue, Alexander Clippertalks about the Compass-EOS router, which completely abandoned switching factories in favor of the so-called D-Chip - an exclusive development of Compass-EOS. Now all the chips and boards can communicate with each other directly. This becomes possible because the chips interact in the optical medium, the performance of which is much higher than that of a copper conductor.
    But better than the vendor’s engineer, I won’t tell about it.

    In addition, Dmitry Bulygin presents the second part of Communication History. From the discovery of the amazing properties of electricity, we turn to the first telegraphs. And also about how Morse invented his alphabet and introduced it into the telegraph, about the first faxes and the role of Russian scientists.

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    Release News:
    1. Field summary: new submarine cable ( link ) planned
    2. DPI as an engine of the trading engine, imarker ( link )
    3. LAA technology to increase data rate in LTE networks ( link )
    4. Rostelecom penetrates the field of data storage ( link )
    5. Live data network ( link )

    0:00:00 - 0:23:20: Introduction and news.
    0:23:20 - 0:46:15: The heading “Communication History” by Dmitry Bulygin .
    0:46:15 - 0:55:50: Acquaintance with the guest - Alexander Clipper .
    0:55:50 - 2:23:40: How classic platforms work and Compass-EOS innovation.

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