How to work in the cloud: from checking the reliability of a data center to managing a virtual infrastructure

    Today we picked up cases, recommendations and analytics about working with IaaS. Here you will find articles on how to test the disk system in the cloud, how to check the reliability of the data center, and how to transfer the management of your IT infrastructure to an IaaS provider and not regret it.

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    Who switched to virtual infrastructure

    Compilation on Habré, in which we collected cases of our clients from the sphere of finance and electronic commerce, who decided to abandon their own hardware and migrate to the cloud. You will learn how IaaS helps BelkaCar, Delivery Club and S7 Airlines to scale up their services and protect their IT infrastructure from DDoS attacks.

    Another collection of cases, this time with production companies. Like companies such as Faberlic, Yota Devices and Terra-Auto have moved corporate systems (from ERP systems to technical support services) to the cloud. We will also tell how a test site in our cloud helped Pulkovo airport to “break in” new services, which were later deployed at 14 other Greek airports.

    During test races and races, sensors on cars generate a large amount of data - up to 300 GB in one weekend, when it comes to the top series of races. It is important for teams to analyze this information in real time in order to predict breakdowns in the car. We understand how cloud technologies help track the puncture of the wheel and design a racing car.

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    As in racing, the entertainment industry uses cloud technology to process large amounts of data in real time. We talk about how virtualization helps to create AR-games, render videos (using the examples of the films “Life Pi” and “Walk”) and manage the largest network of amusement parks in the world Six Flags.

    This is a material about how banks and investment companies use cloud services to work with “monetary” information. An article about how virtual infrastructure helps the first in Russia platform for robot-advancing to fulfill the requirements of the Law FZ-152 “On Personal Data”.

    What virtualization technologies are there in the cloud

    We describe the way cloud technologies have traveled since the beginning of the 90s to the present, and how their development led to the emergence of serverless architecture (serverless) and FaaS service - “function as a service”.

    We are talking about the vCloud Director (VCD) product for managing VMware virtual infrastructure, which has been developed by the company for eight years. The article describes how work with virtual machines is organized in VCD, how platform client resources are distributed and how the concept of the service catalog works. All this is explained in charts and graphs.

    In this article, we evaluated the hardware for the deployment of SAP systems and compiled their rating. The article is for those who want to start working with SAP applications, but does not know which side to approach the choice of equipment.

    Consider in detail what has changed in the most recent vSphere client: a new vSAN interface and security modifications. This version of the hypervisor has ceased to support a number of processors - we give a complete list of them.

    How to migrate IT infrastructure to the cloud

    The operability of any virtualized environment is still provided by the hardware installed in the data center. Let us tell you what factors to pay attention to when determining the reliability of a data center: why it is important to evaluate the microclimate in the machine room and the amount of backup equipment.

    Another factor in choosing an IaaS provider is the performance of the disk system in which your data will be stored. This article explains how to test cloud storage, how, based on the results of this test, select an IaaS provider and what to pay attention to in the SLA.

    Using the example of FINTECH SL Tech, we’ll tell you what mistakes should be avoided when choosing an IaaS provider and migrating IT infrastructure to the cloud. Representatives of SL Tech share their experience in changing suppliers and discuss the factors that influenced their decisions.

    How IaaS will develop

    Machine learning, quantum computers - all this influences the development of the IaaS industry. We are talking about market prospects and what will be new in the IaaS sphere in the coming years: smart cyber security systems, quantum processors for cloud computing, and new data center cooling installations.

    The publication of CNews in 2017 presented a report on the development of IaaS and SaaS markets in Russia. The article lists the largest providers of virtual infrastructure and data centers, as well as interviews with IaaS and SaaS providers about the future of the industry.

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    What hinders the construction of new data centers in the Russian Federation: lack of investments and equipment leasing offers, problems with power supply, etc. about data storage in Russia.

    IT News journalists discussed with the directors of IT companies and owners of data centers the state of the data center industry. Experts told: how are things with the import substitution in the country and why the "green" technologies are unpopular among customers in Russia. In the second part of the material, we are already talking about the geography of data centers: where to build data centers and why.

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