Internet test drive "Mechatronics and Robotics". Need Community Help

    Hello, Habr!

    I am writing because I need the help of the Community.

    My name is Alexander Lemekh. I am the head of the Robotics Development Laboratory of the Mechanical Engineering Institute of Ural Federal University. 6 years ago it became obvious to me that the future is in robotics and automation. Since then, he began to engage in this direction.

    First, like-minded friends and I organized the Robotics Development Club at the Ural Federal University, then I began to teach Industrial Robots and others at the university, 2 years ago I managed to found the Robotics Development Laboratory of the Mechanical Engineering Institute of UrFU.

    Video about our laboratory:

    For several years, my colleagues and I were running a robotics club in the Gymnasium Mentality, Yekaterinburg. From this experience, an understanding arose that a high-quality mass education on this topic was needed.
    Now there are plans to open a specialty of a magistracy, and then a bachelor's degree in mechatronics and robotics at the mechanical faculty of UrFU.

    Given the trends of the time, they decided that electronic courses should be done - accessible to everyone, anywhere, anytime.

    For this, a group of enthusiasts and I developed a project to create a basic set of learning outcomes needed for a minimum education in the field of robotics. Then we put them into courses - it turned out that in order to make an electronic curriculum on robotics for 4 years, you need to do 28 electronic courses.

    At first they were scared, then they decided - their eyes are afraid, their hands are doing.

    Last year, we first tried on the role of developers of electronic courses.
    All year we tried to master this new direction. Something happens, but we know for sure that in order to do a worthwhile thing, we need the attitude of interested people.

    At the moment we are finishing work on a large-scale project Internet test drive direction Hi-Tech "Mechatronics and Robotics" , which combines several parts of different electronic courses that we did this year: 3D modeling and drawing in SolidWorks, Electronics on Arduino, Programming in ROS, flying robots and others.

    An idea arose at the Ural Federal University - to enable schoolchildren and junior students to take an introductory course in robotics and mechatronics. After a long discussion of the main direction of the introductory course, we chose one of the projects implemented in our laboratory - “Rope walker”. “Rope-walker” is a robotic complex for diagnosing high-voltage overhead power transmission lines.

    We offer students and everyone who wants to join us in finalizing the flying robot with us as part of the electronic course.
    We decided to take one of our current projects - the Katohodok robotic complex for diagnosing high-voltage overhead power lines.

    Video about the project:

    We are interested in involving students in joint development. We set them our urgent tasks that we ourselves are working on - for example, to develop an algorithm for processing data from a laser scanner to build a 3D card or to refine the algorithm for autonomous docking of a flying robot with a lightning cable or power line of a power line.

    Here is the link to the installation video:

    The goal of the Hi-Tech-DRIVE project is to create cognitive and professional motivation for technical specialties through the study of electronics, programming and robotics, aimed at mastering the basic principles of work with design, electronics and programming.

    When completing the project, participants will learn the basics of designing and programming robots, and learn how to control them using remote technologies.

    The form of work is design work in groups aimed at creating a hybrid of a flying and a mobile robot for performing an engineering task: diagnostics of high-voltage overhead power lines. The group will have to finalize the 3D model of a real robotic complex, design a new unit or part, write a flying robot control program, calculate the economy and publish an advertising brochure.

    The product of the work will be a modified real robotic complex, its 3D model, an electronic circuit, an autonomous control program for an air-based robot - an unmanned copter, developed in a special simulator on the project website.

    Based on the results of the work, the best participants will receive a certificate for taking electronic courses in robotics at UrFU and all participants will be invited to an excursion to the robotics laboratory of UrFU with the ability to control real robots.

    I appeal to the Community - help to make a really cool course! I ask those who are not indifferent to sign up on the website
    and go through it with our students - identify errors, understand how they can be fixed.
    And how to make a really useful resource for career guidance and collaborative development. I am sure it will be interesting not only to schoolchildren.

    We will make a quality education in robotics together.

    Robots are your future!

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