CCNA Cisco Free Video Course Available on YouTube Channel

    In my deep conviction, especially in the field of IT, the most important quality of any of the specialists is the ability to learn. That is why it has become a good tradition in our small company to devote daily time to this process, our own development. Even the manager must understand how the network is structured and functions. Not long ago, yesterday, discussing a problem with BGP, a colleague said: “If I hadn’t been a bummer, I would have taken CCNA in my student years and would have known the answer to your question.” And I set out to help my colleague, find a way to get knowledge in this area myself, at least at the initial level, in order to better understand what we are working with. On Habré, having entered CCNA in the search, you can find a lot of recommendations, but nevertheless, the English-language Internet is the main source of knowledge in the field of IT communications.

    I just love YouTube! After all, it provides a magical opportunity to remotely “visit” thematic conferences and seminars, and absolutely free of charge. This time, as it turned out, there has already been a free channel for about 2 months, on which the lecturer Imran Rafai, clearly and readily presents the material from the 30-day CCNA course, is very accessible and exciting!

    Even if you are not a system administrator, but simply want to have a slightly better understanding of what the Internet course is for you! Among other things, you will increase your level of English, because the course is in English, with subtitles.

    A third of the course (10 days) is already available, new materials are published quite often, in addition, NetworKing promises to publish subsequently other interesting materials on the topic, legally and absolutely free! In this publication, we have placed all currently available parts of the course, in the future we will add new materials on the topic, I hope this video will be useful to you.

    Day 1: Network Fundamentals

    Day 2: OSI - TCP / IP Model

    Day 3 (AM): IP Address V4

    Day 3 (PM): Subnetting

    Day 3 (LN): Supernetting

    Day 4: Internetworking Devices

    Day 5: Connecting to a Cisco Device

    Day 6: Filling The Gaps

    Day 7: FAQ

    Day 8: Welcome to the Switching World

    Day 9: Real World Switching

    Day 10: Port Modes and Functions

    Happy viewing!

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