Tutu PHP Meetup # 2: event online broadcast

    On October 6, the second PHP Meetup will be held at the Tutu.ru travel service office.

    Many volunteers volunteered to come to the mitap to visit us in the office of Tutu.ru. And this means that to attend the event personally, alas, will not work. But! You can see everything happening on the air.

    Video broadcast will begin on Saturday, October 6, at 12:00.
    Or look for the broadcast on our channel.


    Ilya Sereda, Tutu.ru

    “Building an analytics system in the context of agile development”
    Let's talk about how to start developing an analytics system in a company without having an army of data engineers. How to move from the state “I do not understand what squares on this scheme are needed for my tasks” and at the same time not go into R & D for several months. How to implement stream data processing in PHP (~ 40K records per minute). What technical decisions were used in our decision and what factors were taken into account in decision making.

    Dmitry Kushnikov, ManyChat

    “Redis in practice: solving a lot of different tasks without spreading technology zoo”
    We in ManyChat have built a system that successfully copes with handling a billion events a day using rather modest resources. Redis helps us a lot with this. I will tell you about how and where you can use it on your project to solve typical tasks and how this will allow avoiding the breeding of the “zoo” of technologies.

    Alexey Rudakov, Pravo.ru

    “Organization of parallel work of workers when processing tasks from the queue server”
    Consider the most popular solutions that exist in the current language ecosystem for such tasks, analyze the main problems and “pitfalls” that can be encountered in the implementation of asynchrony and multiprocessor using php, and tell you how and why we implement the work of parallel processes in our projects.

    Join now! It will be interesting!

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