Best Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers

Original author: Ilya Pestov
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Divine elemente

This is perhaps one of the best projects I've seen. Divine Elemente allows designers to create a WordPress theme without knowing any frontend / backend. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to try this plugin in action, since it exists only for Windows. For the designs to work, they must be created exactly with the predefined templates. It looks almost like Twitter Bootstrap. The developers provided us with everything: SEO, semantic class names and easy-to-read code. Wonderful!

Layrs Control CS6, CC

"A collection of 7 scripts that simplifies the tedious work." The plugin successfully copes with removing all disabled layer effects, unused layers, finds and removes similar files and folders, converts some objects and makes the design in the Flat style. By the way, the latter happens with the help of .

Cut & Slice CS6, CC

Wonderful plugin created for "cutting" templates. Allows you to export layers based on different devices and resolutions (.xxdpi, .Idpi, .mdpi and .hdpi). The simplest syntax allows you to perform simple operations on layers and groups of layers: cropping, scaling, including buttons and more. CC does the same as Cut & Slice. It is also an extremely convenient tool for converting. All your comments will be synchronized and available online.

CSS3Ps CS3 +

Awesome plugin that converts layers to CSS or SCSS / SASS with Compass. It supports sizes, internal and external shadows, gradients, radii, and more. The only negative is that this charm works with the server, and getting the result takes about 30 seconds.

Composer CS5, CS6, CC

Composer allows you to edit the parameters (style, position, visibility and placement relative to other objects) of several layers at a time with a single click.

I also want to note an analog - Transform Each 2.0 .


I will say simply: the best tool for building a grid.

There is also an equally useful open source Griddify :

WebFont CS5, CC

Today, many online projects use unusual fonts that do not work on all devices. This plugin gives you convenient access directly to Google Fonts directly from Photoshop. To use the plugin, you will be asked to download the thirty-day demo version of Suitcase Fusion 5, but after this period the tool will still work.

Random User Generator

"Like Lorem Ipsum, but for people." When creating a design, it is often necessary to create an image of a real person by viewing his profile in comments, posts, and more. Random User Generator saves you from searching for names and avatars. The tool works with the API .


A cool plugin looking for thousands of icon options for you right in Photoshop or Illustrator. All material found was created under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Flat Icon CS5, CS6, CC

The plugin provides access to perhaps the largest (38,000) collection of flat icon sets. The tool has over 53,000 installations. Posted by .

Social Kit CS6, CC

Easily editable and customizable templates for social networking pages. All content is updated with each new product in the designs of such sites.


The best plugin for creating layouts.


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