Backenders of all countries united. Tell us how Backend United went. # 2

    September 22, we held Backend United # 2: Minced meat - a meeting dedicated to backend testing. We talked about the methods of testing the backend, its differences in different languages. We discussed the CDC approach to testing microservices - why Avito uses native tests written in the languages ​​of consumer services. They told about the mechanics and difficulties of implementing Pact - a set of libraries that implement the Consumer-Driven Contract API testing approach. And we learned how to create honest and effective insulation tests in microservice architecture.

    Under the cut share impressions, photos, videos, presentations from the meeting and feedback from listeners.

    The meeting turned out to be international - with reports from experts from Germany, Estonia, Belarus and Russia.


    How to start testing and not balding

    Andrey Skomorokhov, Lifland Gaming (Tallinn)

    Andrei systematized the basic techniques for testing the backend. In particular, managerial and technical solutions: what to write tests on, where to run them and how to do them - and told about it at the meeting.

    Andrey Presentation

    Feedback from listeners

    • The best report, the methodology that I will adopt and will apply.
    • Excellent report, great speaker. I think I told everything that is needed, where to start.
    • Interesting, intelligible, useful.

    Implementation of the Consumer-Driven Contract approach for testing Avito's microservices

    Frol Kryuchkov, Avito (Moscow)

    Frol Kryuchkov told how we in Avito implemented the CDC approach to test microservices. In short, we use native tests written in the languages ​​of consumer services, which are assembled into a docker image and run upon changes in the service on which they depend. In addition, what we expected from this approach, what turned out well, and what else needs to be worked on.

    Frol's presentation

    Feedback from listeners

    • Clearly explained why CDC testing is needed. Informative.
    • An interesting topic, he told well, although he was very worried.
    • It was interesting to learn the methodology of testing microservices in the Avito company.

    Practical introduction to pact

    Alexey Vinogradov, Vinogradov IT-Consulting (Düsseldorf)

    Pact is a set of libraries that implement the Consumer-Driven Contract approach to testing APIs, and each implementation of this set can be written for different programming languages: Ruby, Go, PHP, Python, Swift, and others. Alexey spoke about the basic mechanics of Pact and the difficulties that arise when it is implemented on projects.

    Alexey's presentation

    Feedback from listeners

    • Interesting. Excellent feed material.
    • Literate material available for everyone. I would like a little more examples. Plus a link to the project.
    • A good report is a review of a tool that can be used in practice.

    Honest, simple and fast insulation tests

    Alexander Chumakin, Juno (Minsk)

    Alexander uncovered approaches to testing microservice architecture at Juno, told how they managed to create honest and effective insulation tests (and why such tests), how they support a highly loaded and constantly changing system that remains fully tested in just a few minutes. In addition, he shared helpful advice on how Juno was able to provide stability and resiliency with continuous production releases.

    Alexander Presentation

    Feedback from listeners

    • Also a good presentation, interesting answers to questions.
    • Not exactly what I expected, but the report was still interesting.
    • Useful experience.

    Not a single report

    Each report had a lot of interesting “meat” (or minced meat), and the participants of the meeting asked a lot of questions. The speakers did not have time to respond to everything during their performance, so during breaks entire thematic corners were formed devoted to backend testing.

    On the classics, we conducted a quiz with the help of Kahoot and held contests for those who like to conduct tehnoblogs: the best report from the meeting and the best summary. The most complete live from the meeting turned out to be George Polikarpov , and Sergey Kolesnikov ( win0err ) collected extremely informative material on the meeting. Definitely, this is the best summary we have seen. See how cool it was:

    In addition, they took short blitz-interviews with speakers and participants of “Mince” and made a video.

    Thanks to all participants Backend United # 2: Stuffing, both offline and online (you also watched the broadcast or video reports, right?). Photos from the meeting we, as always, posted on Facebook and Vkontakte . And we put all presentations on Gitkhab .

    We often hold events for technicians. If you do not want to miss them, subscribe to our newsletter on the Timepad . We will be happy if you tell us in the comments, reports on what topics you want to hear at our meetings - we will try to take your opinion into account when planning the following events.

    And let the meat be with you!

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