Competition, new courses and features (autumn news Heksleta)


    Hekslet returned to Habr! In previous publications, we wrote about our programming courses, translated interesting articles and laid out public interviews of juniors. We continue!

    illustration from the course "Command Line Basics"

    Here is the autumn news.

    Story contest

    Are you looking for a job? Perhaps your first job as a programmer? Write an interesting story about how and why you started learning programming, what your learning and growth process looks like. The authors of the three stories that scored the most "old" (stars) on Gitkhab will receive free education on Heksle with projects for a year .

    (Projects are weekly intensives, where you will develop and publish full-fledged applications with experienced mentors).

    Read more about the conditions and prizes → . A repository with stories here → .

    New courses

    There was a free course, which was so lacking for many users, especially those who passed the first project: Command Line Basics .

    This course replaced the old version and expanded with lots of new information. Key topics:

    • file system operation
    • navigation
    • access rights and program execution
    • grep, pipeline
    • sudo
    • environment (env)

    Other updates in courses

    There were not enough quizzes in the PHP courses (questions after theory), and now there are more of them. Basically they were added to the course on setting up the environment (for free), and object-oriented programming .

    Now the course “ Php Basics ” is being revised (for free). The new course is based on the project and allows you to consolidate everything that went through there.

    In the DOM course , two important lessons about state management and MVC were added. Now we are learning not only to understand how to use the house, but also to build a front-end application without frameworks.

    In the courses on setting up the environment, cool pictures were added, which show how the mechanisms for updating dependencies in php and js work.

    illustration from the “ Lock file ” lesson of the course “ JS: Setting Up the Environment ” (free of charge)

    In the course on React, some lessons have been updated since React itself has changed. Next in line is a Redux course.

    We started working with a new Java teacher, Vyacheslav Lapin, with whom we have already launched the first project. The first time projects in Java will go very often, literally in a week. Plans to add Java to

    By the way, Vyacheslav will conduct a webinar on the life of a Java developer tonight . What are the main problems observed on this path, what personal qualities will help you in your work, what soft-skills and technical skills are necessary and will be a plus for a successful career, how to pass interviews and probation periods, what needs to be done on the project, besides the task, which the management puts before you, how to establish horizontal relations and how to understand that it is time to leave for another project, to another office, maybe even with a move. Everything is based on personal experience and many years of experience in communicating with colleagues in a professional environment.

    New features

    • Hexlet has corporate subscriptions for large and small companies. We improved this section, added analytics and reports download and simplified billing.

    • We shook and reduced js, the site began to load faster, especially in the exercises.

    • Each test page shows a block with a review code for this test. Thanks to it, it becomes easier to watch the solutions of other users ( example ).

    • In the coming days, roll out a serious improvement associated with the editor. Previously, if you did not touch the editor for a long time, then he stopped responding and saved only f5. Now the recovery is automatic.


    Soon we will post another handful of free courses, publish new webinars and public interviews for juniors and tell you about updates to the free project .

    Have a good weekend!

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