GDG DevFest Voronezh 2014: photo report and impressions

    On December 13-14, Voronezh hosted the third annual GDG DevFest conference Voronezh 2014, organized by Google, Voronezh State University and DataArt. The event brought together about two hundred developers, designers and just Google enthusiasts.

    December 13th, theory day

    The first day of the conference was a guest at Voronezh State University. We took an excellent assembly hall of the Voronezh State University and added a little Google-holiday to it.

    Hall awaiting guests.

    First Speaker Meowl Katson helps with ball placement.

    At the entrance, our assistants registered participants and distributed gifts from conference partners.

    The guys from the Creative Science creative team staged a real science show for guests.

    Guests competed in picking up puzzles and the special “telepath battle” of Mindflex.

    And took pictures in a special photo booth.

    When hour X approached, everyone gathered in the assembly hall.

    Opening remarks from the organizers.

    The first speaker was Alexander Suevalov (@suevalov) with a report “Polymer. Componentize the Web. " Sasha’s presentation includes “living examples” of the technologies he talked about. You can familiarize yourself with the presentation here , slides are scrolled from the keyboard, arrow keys.

    Artyom Markushev (@aturbidflow) about using Material Design on the web.

    Andrei Yanovsky told how for him the study of Material Design suddenly resulted in the development of a prototype mobile application. An avid movie fan, Andrei has developed a prototype app for buying movie theater tickets. All conference guests could download and independently test the prototype.

    A guest from Yandex, Timur Gaskarov (@BarakAdama), spoke about the Cousteau project developed on the Chromium engine.

    The most intense block this year was the Wearables block.

    Alexey Rybakov spoke about the history of wearable devices and predicted the near future of this direction. We were amazed at such miracles as the Watch Phone SPH-WP10 (be sure to look at the photo ) and plunged into the history of watches from the 19th century (when they first appeared) to the present, when Moto360, Pebble and other smartwatches are gradually becoming an integral part of our everyday life

    Vadim Kotov delved into development guidelines for Android Wear.

    Valery Kharitonov shared his experience in developing a musical application for smart watches. Work on the application has not yet been completed, but the achievements of Valery and his colleagues are impressive right now.

    The last to speak was Arseny Pechenkin with the secrets of the hackathon’s success. Arseny managed to really ignite the audience and perfectly complete the first day of the conference.

    The most active participants in the conference received excellent gifts from the organizers.

    December 14, practice day

    On the second day, the first Design Sprint in the city was planned. The participants decided not to divide into teams, but to try together to create a really cool application for smart watches. Technical experts from DataArt and SurfStudio helped them in this: Alexey Rybakov and Vadim Kotov.

    During heated discussions and many hours of fruitful work, an application for travelers was designed that allows you to make audio, text and video notes and save on the map the place where they were made. Simple, useful and convenient - what else is needed for a good smartwatch application?

    Experts join the discussion.

    Anton Shaleev (@Tirion), one of the organizers of Design Sprint, and the “Idea Board”.

    Developers are discussing a prototype application.

    The result of the day was the appearance of a well-coordinated team working like a good watch (pun intended). The participants decided not to leave their idea after the completion of Design Sprint and someday meet again. For our part, we really hope to someday see the application designed by the guys on Google Play.

    Design Sprint participants with gifts from the organizers.

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