15 best JavaScript libraries for building charts and pivot tables

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It is almost impossible to imagine a dashboard without charts and graphs. They quickly and efficiently display complex statistics. Moreover, a good diagram also improves the overall design of your site.

In this article, I will show you some of the best JavaScript libraries for building diagrams / schemes (and pivot tables). These libraries will help you create beautiful and customizable schedules for your future projects.

Although most libraries are free and freely distributed, for some of them there are paid versions with additional functionality.

D3.js - data oriented documents

Today, when we think about graphs, the first thing that comes to mind is D3.js Being an open source project, D3.js, without a doubt, presents many useful features that most existing libraries lack. Features such as “Enter and Exit”, powerful transitions, and syntax similar to jQuery or Prototype make it one of the best JavaScript libraries for creating graphs and charts. In D3.js, they are generated through HTML, SVG, and CSS.

Unlike many other JavaScript libraries, D3.js does not come with pre-created charts right out of the box. However, you can take a look at the list of graphs created on D3.js to get a general idea.

D3.js does not work properly with older browsers such as IE8. But you can always use plugins like aight plugin for cross-browser compatibility.

D3.js was previously widely used on websites such as NYTimes , Uber, and Weather.com

Google charts

Google Charts is a JavaScript library that I regularly use for simple and easy charting. Provides many pre-created charts, such as combined histograms, bar charts, calendar charts, pie charts, geo charts, etc.

Google charts also has many configuration settings that help change the appearance of the chart. Charts are generated using HTML5 / SVG mining to provide cross-browser compatibility and cross-platform portability to iPhone, iPad and Android. Also contains VML to support older IE versions.

Here is a great list with examples built on Google charts.


ChartJS gives the graphics a beautiful flat design. It uses HTML5 canvas for rendering. Support for older browsers such as IE7 / 8 is added using polyfill.

ChartJS charts are responsive by default. They work great on mobile devices and tablets. With 6 main types of graphs right out of the box (core, columnar, annular, petal, ruled, and polar), ChartJS is definitely one of the most impressive open source libraries for building graphs and charts in recent times.


Chartlist.js provides beautiful responsive graphics. Like ChartJS, Chartlist.js is the result of a community effort that has given up on expensive JavaScript charting libraries. It uses SVG to render graphs / charts. Can be managed and configured through CSS3 media queries and Sass. Also, please note that the wonderful animations provided by Chartlist.js will only work in modern browsers.


If you are an AngularJS developer, then n3-charts will definitely seem extremely useful and interesting to you. n3-charts is built on top of D3.js and AngularJS. It provides many standard graphs in the form of custom AngularJS directives.
Check out a list of charts created using n3-charts.

Ember charts

EmberCharts is another great open source repository built on D3.js and Ember.js. It provides easily customizable time series charts, histograms, pie charts and scatter charts. Uses SVG to render charts.

Smoothie charts

If you are dealing with a real-time data stream, then Smoothie Charts may come in handy . For rendering the graphic, the HTML5 canvas element is used here. This is a pure JavaScript library that provides optional real-time graphics features such as delay and flash.


Chartkick - JavaScript library for building graphs / charts in Ruby applications. Provides all the main types of charts, such as sector, bar, histogram, combined histogram, geo, time and multiple chart. Charts are generated via SVG.


Have you tried working with Meteor v 1.0 yet? Ok, MeteorCharts will help you create beautiful charts for Meteor applications. For rendering graphics, you can choose any of these technologies: HTML5 canvas, WebGL, SVG, and even the DOM.
This is a wonderful chart generator that allows you to select its type, theme, and then perform the generation. Free for use in non-commercial projects. You can calculate the cost of a commercial license here .

Highcharts js

Highcharts JS is another very popular charting library. It comes with a large number of animations of various types that can attract a lot of attention to your site. Like other libraries, HighchartsJS contains many pre-created diagrams: spline, curly, combined, bar, bar, pie, dot, etc.

One of the biggest advantages of using HighchartsJS is compatibility with older browsers such as Internet Explorer 6. Standard browsers use SVG for charting. In legacy IE, graphics are built through VML.

Although HighchartsJS is free for personal use, you need to purchase a license for commercial use.


Fusioncharts is one of the oldest JavaScript libraries that was first released in 2002. Graphs are generated using HTML5 / SVG and VML for better portability and compatibility.

Unlike many libraries, Fusioncharts provides the ability to parse both JSON data and XML. You can also export these charts in 3 different formats: PNG, JPG and PDF.

Fusioncharts works well with older browsers like IE6. And for this reason, it has become one of the most preferred libraries in many trading organizations.

You can use the Fusioncharts version with a watermark for free in both personal and commercial projects. However, you need to purchase a license to get rid of the watermark.


Flot - JavaScript library for jQuery, allowing you to create graphs / charts. One of the oldest and most popular charting libraries.

Flot supports bar, dot, bar, bar, and any combination of these types of charts. Also compatible with older browsers such as IE 6 and Firefox 2.

Flot is completely free, commercial support is provided upon special request to the developer. Here is a list of examples with graphs created on Flot.


amCharts is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful charting libraries. It is fully divided into 3 independent types: JavaScript Charts, Maps Charts (amMaps) and Stock charts.

amMaps is my favorite of the three above. Provides features such as heatmaps, line drawing, adding text to a map, loading icons or photos to the top of your map, zooming, etc.
amCharts uses SVG to render graphs that only works in modern browsers. Charts may not display correctly in IE below version 9.

Check out this fantastic collection of great demos created on amCharts.

The free version of amCharts will leave a link back to this website at the top of each chart. Commercial licenses are slightly more expensive than most paid libraries on the market.


EJS Chart Announce Their Practical Enterprise Solution. Charts look neater and more readable than most of the other older libraries. There is also compatibility with IE6 + and other older browsers. Check out this list of examples .

EJS Chart is available in both free and paid versions. The free version has a restriction that does not allow you to use more than 1 graph on the page and more than two (numerical) sequences on the graph. Check out the pricing details here .


uvCharts is an open source JavaScript library that claims to have more than 100 configuration options. She has charts of 12 different standards right out of the box.

uvCharts is built on the D3.js library. This project promises to eliminate all the complex nuances of D3.js coding and provide easy implementation of standard-looking charts. uvCharts is generated through SVG, HTML and CSS.


Now the choice of the best diagram library for your future projects is up to you. Developers who need full control over charts will definitely choose D3.js. Almost all of the above libraries have gained good support on the Stackoverflow forums.

If you are looking for tools to generate ready-made charts, then go to article 5 Tools for Creating Amazing Online Charts . You can also read Creating Simple Line and Bar Charts with D3.js to get started with D3.js. We also have releases on GoogleCharts with AngularJS .

I hope you enjoyed this article. Have a nice day.

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