New Track on Coursera: Mobile Cloud Computing with Android

    January 7 at Coursera begins the track courses in the specialty "Mobile Cloud Computing with Android." This year, a similar track consisted of 3 courses - it was interesting and useful. In 2015, there are already 6 of them (plus a graduation project) - judging by the programs, there are many changes and additions.

    Courses are free - you need to pay only if you want to receive a confirmed certificate for each course. You can study online, or you can download videos and watch when and where convenient. True, in the latter case there will be no intermediate control questions, but they are useful to assess whether she understood everything correctly, and they fix the material well.

    Learning in English, but even anyone with whom it is bad - subtitles save. Douglas is difficult to listen to (it seems like a German), but the rest speak good, simple and understandable English.

    In general, I recommend!

    Track Link:

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